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TOA Electronics SR-D8 Line Array

Jun 19, 2013 6:19 PM

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TOA Electronics (Booth 1343) is launching its new SR-D8 digitally steerable line array. The SR-D8 contains eight “cells,” each with a complement of a 4in. low-frequency speaker and a coaxially mounted array of three 1in. dome tweeters Each cell is powered by an independent Class D amplifier. The SR-D8 system comprises two different models: SR-D8-M (master) and SR-D8-S (slave). A single SR-D8-M may be connected to up to three SR-D8-S units for a linear four-speaker array. A total of 16 SR-D8s may be connected in any given system. Each SR-D8-M has an input via a balanced analog line or CobraNet. The signal may be daisy-chained to other SR-D8-Ms via an AES/EBU link. The SR-D8s advanced 24-bit/96k onboard DSP is controlled via supplied GUI software and is also accessible via a web browser. The software provides full control of all SR-D8s in the system. It is possible to control the beam angle within a +/- 45-degree range and the beam may also be split two ways at any point along the array (from single to fourspeaker configuration). The GUI software provides a full-complement of parametric EQ, compression, delay, and beam control. The GUI also displays a predictive preview of beam propagation for any configuration. One main advantage is the calculation time from configuration selection to execution because the process time is instantaneous. This line array speaker is ideally suited for large atrium spaces, auditoriums, and houses of worship. The SR-D8-M and SR-D8-S carry TOA’s five-year audio product warranty.

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