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Small Auditorium Sound, Part 2

Jun 19, 2012 11:00 AM, With Bennett Liles

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And where do they control all of this from?

Bob: Well FOH is actually located directly above the center entrance way to the house, speaker drives are stage left but the main drives are about 200 ft. away from the FOH with this. [Timestamp: 3:17]

And how long are the cable runs involved?

Bob: Each are about 200 ft, speaker runs go from stage left all the way up to the second floor. [Timestamp: 3:24]

You drive those with the L-Acoustics LA8 amplifiers?

Bob: Yes, LA8’s were the amplifiers chosen. [Timestamp: 3:30]

And where in the setup are those located?

Bob: We have those positioned on stage left. There is a rack room located with the wireless receivers at the 70 volt system for background music and intercom. [Timestamp: 3:42]

With all of the varied types of performances and events in the Cramton Auditorium, is there anything else you had to do to make the system capable of handling all this or did you just put in the control and let them have at it?

Gene: Pretty much, once we got the final commissioning done, I mean it’s just been hanging out we pretty much set it and let it. It’s worked fine and we haven’t had to go back at all to make any kinds of tweaks or changes so it’s been fine. All the networking and control is working as designed. [Timestamp: 4:12]

Well, that’s always good when the phone doesn’t ring.


So what else is going on for RCI Systems? Have you got anything else in the works that you can tell us about?

Gene: Not anything great detail, I mean we obviously have things in the pipeline and there’s some L-Acoustics projects that we’re looking at but it’s a little premature to get into any kind of detail on them at this point. [Timestamp: 4:32]

But you’re staying busy.

Gene: We’re absolutely busy. [Timestamp: 4:34]

How big an outfit is RCI Systems? You got a lot of people working on a lot of different things?

Gene: Sure on the production side we, I believe we have at least 13 or 14 full time engineers and we have a director of engineering, management team. There’s probably 30+ employees here. [Timestamp: 4:50]

Well, that’s a pretty big team but still lean enough to get in and get jobs done and respond on short notice. Sometimes with the really big outfits you can have some communication issues come up. You know how that goes.

Gene: Absolutely. We’re pretty flexible. [Timestamp: 5:04]

Well, it’s been great having you both here to tell us about the L-Acoustics sound upgrade you did at Cramton Auditorium. Bob Capotosto and Gene Ingham from RCI Systems, thanks for being with us.

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