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Technology Showcase: HOW FOH Mixers

Jan 1, 2009 12:00 PM, By Bennett Liles

Options abound for every type of worship service.

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DiGiCo D1 Live 40

DiGiCo D1 Live 40

Designed to emulate the audio character, tools, and features of the popular Cadac J-Type analog mixer, the new S-Digital console adds the latest field-programmable gate arrays and its proprietary High-speed Digital (HSD) communication system to minimize any latency in audio and control. This connects the outboard input and the output racks on either coax or fiber links. Multiple listen systems are featured to accommodate any multi-operator setup, and each hot-swappable module has embedded control that keeps operating even if the Sound Automation Manager goes offline. The input channels are equipped with bar-graph meters, and the rotary knobs are lit to display their settings in a darkened environment. The power supplies are rackmounted, and they can function in a dual-redundancy mode for added reliability.

Euphonix System 5-B

Euphonix System 5-B

For houses of worship that have limited space for a front-of-house mixer, the DiGiCo D1 Live 40 offers the capabilities needed for the live music and dramatic performances so prevalent today, but in a very compact frame. With full input EQ, dynamics processing, onboard effects, a 38×8 matrix, and 16 VCA control groups, the D1 Live 40 uses its local DigiRack that can be configured with 40 line/mic inputs and 24 line outs. The system can record directly to a multitrack hard-disk recorder and store the entire show setup on a USB key for the ultimate in setup portability from one D1 or D5 Live to another. Three interactive touchscreens bring all the setup and configuration parameters to the operator, and each of these can show eight input channels at a time with a combination of LCD buttons and controls.

The Venue system from Digidesign features a modular configuration that can be customized to the specific size and complexity requirements of the church sanctuary or activity building where it's installed. The basic components consist of the D-Show mixing console, the FOH rack, the stage rack (with remote-controlled preamps), and the multichannel digital snake. The system can be expanded to include up to 96 mic inputs, 27 buses, eight mono matrices, and eight stereo matrices. These can be controlled remotely by the artists using the Digidesign Personal Q monitoring system. Dual-redundant power supplies provide reliability required for live sound. The heart of the system is the FOH rack with eight analog inputs and outputs, which is expandable to 16; analog and digital two-track connections; intercom circuits; and outputs for near-field loudspeaker monitoring. The D-Show mix engine has powerful DSP cards providing 48-bit pathways throughout the system.

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