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RBH Sound Introduces MC-83 and MC-6DB In-wall Speakers

Oct 18, 2005 8:00 AM

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RBH's MC-83 and MC-6DB feature proprietary aluminum cone technology and adjustable midrange and treble level controls (-3dB/Flat/+3dB respectively).

RBH Sound introduces two new in-wall loudspeakers. Offering greater levels of sound, power, and customization, the MC-83 and MC-6DB provide high-end in-wall performance at an affordable price point.

The MC-83 replaces the MC-8 as the company's ultimate 8in. in-wall speaker. Capable of handling 170W of power from its discrete in-wall position, the MC-83 easily reproduces powerful effects in movies and music. Equipped with a large 8in. aluminum cone woofer, a 2.5in. aluminum dome midrange, and a 1in. aluminum dome tweeter, the new MC-83's significantly enhanced midrange section provides the full-range accuracy necessary for maximum home theater speaker performance.

The MC-6DB benefits from the same RBH aluminum cone technology, sporting a 6.5in. aluminum cone woofer as well as two 3/4in. aluminum dome tweeters for extended bass response and tonal accuracy that handles up to 120W of power. Optimizing diffused sound from rear effects channels, the MC-6DB features switchable bipolar or dipolar tweeter modes and a ±3dB switch for the woofer for exceptional surround configuration and performance.

Intended for high-performance theater systems, the MC-83 and MC-6DB offer customized solutions to complement room and installation configurations, as well as performance needs. Featuring RBH's proprietary aluminum cone technology, and adjustable midrange and treble level controls (-3dB/Flat/+3dB respectively), each in-wall speaker accurately delivers high- and low-level details as good as its free-standing counterparts. Both speakers' tweeters not only swivel to allow greater installation flexibility, but also feature protection circuitry, which protects them from being over-driven.

The MC-83 complements any home theater where space is a premium, and it can be used for all left, center, and right (L/C/R) configurations. The multi-polar MC-6DB provides rear-channel effects for complete surround sound. Pair the MC-83 or MC-6DB with RBH's voice-matched, free-standing counterparts, such as the MC series tower (MC-6CT), bookshelf (MC-4C), or center (MC-616C) for multiple configuration options.

Designed to coordinate or disappear in any room, both new in-wall speakers feature paintable frames and grilles to match home décor. Finished dimensions of the MC-83 measure 10¼” x 14¼". Finished dimensions of the MC-6DB measure 8¾"x 12". MSRP of both the MC-83 and MC-6DB is $649/pair, and both models are shipping now.

For more information on RBH Sound, please call (800) 543-2205 or visit

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