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Paradigm Introduces Monitor Series v.5 with Proprietary SuperDrive Technology

Jan 2, 2007 12:58 PM

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Paradigm is proud to introduce the latest incarnation of its affordable high-end Monitor Series loudspeakers. As the company continues to expand into exciting new product categories, it has combined its well-known budget audiophile Performance Series with the affordable high-end Monitor Series to create a new series that streamlines the company’s offerings and simplifies the product line. Monitor Series v.5 now represents a new generation of elegance, performance, and unbeatable value.

Paradigm’s SuperDrive technology combines very high efficiency with very high output and ultra-low distortion. As a result, even with moderately powered amplifiers Monitor Series v.5 speakers deliver a higher level of performance than ever before. Much higher efficiency and higher power handling also mean that these speakers can now compete directly with the efficiency and output of major brands of horn speakers. In non-level-matched a/b comparisons, the new Monitor speakers not only play as loud, their sound is authentically high-end. What’s more, compared to all other major speaker brands, when it comes to playing loud, Monitor v.5 speakers lead the way—and not just in their product category, but compared to speakers selling at more than twice the price.

The new three-way design found on all the center channels delivers measurably improved off-axis performance and extended dynamic range while also ensuring superb timbre matching in a multichannel music or movie setup. Monitor Series v.5 replaces Performance Series v.4 and Monitor Series v.4; however, since Paradigm’s Performance Series of budget audiophile speakers contained some of the most recognized models in the industry, the company will continue to use two of the model names—Atom and Titan—in the new Monitor Series v.5. It should be noted, however, that these models are a huge step up from their previous versions since they are now recipients of a complete redesign which includes all the benefits of Paradigm’s new SuperDrive technology.

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