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Meyer Sound Announces RMS 5.0, Compass 1.8 Updates

Jun 20, 2007 3:30 PM

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Meyer Sound has released software updates for its RMS remote monitoring system and Compass control software for the Galileo loudspeaker management system. RMS 5.0 adds valuable functionality for new and existing users, particularly those running RMS under Windows OS on an Intel Macintosh, who will benefit from the addition of USB interface capability.

Compass 1.8 adds a new 31-band graphic equalizer to each input to offer users greater ability to shape the sound to their taste. This new EQ is a faithful DSP re-creation of a classic analog, third-octave, proportional-Q graphic equalizer. It provides both a familiar interface and a smooth musical sound for artistic creativity in system tuning. The graphic EQ is independent of Galileo's Composite EQ, which includes both TruShaping and CP-10 parametric EQ, and all three equalizer types can be used together. Composite EQ remains the best tool for corrective equalization, while the graphic equalizer gives easy access to a broad range of creative equalization possibilities.

While the massive power of the Galileo 616 processor's DSP engine has been stated since the product's debut, it is clearly demonstrated by the effortless addition of 186 bands of equalization to the system's existing extensive EQ capabilities.

Additionally, Compass 1.8 adds new shortcuts in the Input and Output Processing windows and installs a firmware update for the Galileo 616 processor.

Updates are available for download from

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