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L-Acoustics Debuts Self-Powered Coaxials  

L-Acoustics recently announced the worldwide launch of two self-powered two-way coaxial loudspeakers, the 108P and 112P, both combining the significant advantages of L-Acoustics' proven coaxial point source technology with the convenience of self-powered performance and onboard digital signal processing....

Gemini Releases Professional GX-100 and GX-150 Loudspeakers 

Technology Showcase:
Line Array Loudspeakers
By Daniel Keller
Browsing most speaker manufacturers' current offerings, it's hard to imagine that as recently as a decade ago, line arrays were a relatively uncommon commodity in the world of live sound. Although the technology has been around for quite a while (described in Harry F. Olson's “Acoustical Engineering” in 1957), only in the last few years has everyone and his mother seemingly jumped on the line-array...

What's New: Audio Technology  
By Laura Dixon
The MXL 604 dual capsule instrument miking system consists of a pressure gradient microphone with an interchangeable omnidirectional capsule and a cardioid condenser. It features...

Teer Engineering Installs JBL Professional Loudspeakers in Full Sail Real World Education Lecture Hall 

Demonstrating the unique ability of the JBL Professional VRX portable line array series to provide sound in a variety of environments, Teer Engineering recently installed 14 VRX932LA cabinets in a 5.1 surround sound configuration for a new lecture hall on the Full Sail Real World Education campus in Orlando, Fla. The multi-purpose space is being used for classes, presentations, labs, special events, and open houses. ...

OAP Audio Products Unveils the Innovative NF-331HP “Stair Riser” 

Danley Sound Labs Introduces the Groundbreaking SH-50 

Danley Sound Labs has launched the SH-50, a high-output, fully horn-loaded, three-way loudspeaker that performs exceptionally well in tightly packed arrays to offer practically seamless overlap regions. The groundbreaking SH-50 amalgamates two unique Danley Sound Labs technologies — the tapped horn and the synergy horn, both patent-pending designs — for exceptional low-frequency pattern control, incomparable audio quality, seamless arrayability, and low-frequency extension. Each model is also available as a powered option using Class D audiophile power and onboard DSP....

Martin Audio AQ6/AQ210 
By John McJunkin
Martin Audio has a rightfully earned a reputation for manufacturing high-quality loudspeakers, and the company has a large array of products available for many distinct applications. A recent addition...

What's New: Audio Technology 

Version 2.2 of Metric Halo's Mobile I/O console and driver software for Mac OS X provides increased performance across all Mobile I/O...

What's New: Residential Technology 

NuVision's 23in., 26in., 32in., and 37in. Deep Black LCD screens incorporate proprietary NiDO (NuVision Intelligent Digital Optimization) for crisp images and smooth motion...

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