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What's New:
Audio Technology

This line array system features ribbon drivers, neodymium magnets, and patented UniVent technology. Rigging options include ground stacking, traditional flying, pole mounting, and a crankable tower lifter co-designed with Vermette that elevates six top boxes 13ft.., then folds down for easy transport. Top boxes are adjustable in 2.5-degree increments from 0 to 15 degrees. Series includes Versarray 112 top box, 118 sub, and 218 sub. This 2RU DSP audio system, based on Digitool, features a 1/4-VGA LCD front-panel display; 12 low-noise mic/line inputs with 48V phantom power; 12 outputs with switchable...

Yamaha introduces new products at NSCA Expo 

Introducing d&b audiotechnik's J-Series  

JBL’s New Line-Array Technology Serves Small and Mid-size Venues 

Niles Audio Ships Plasma High-definition Loudspeakers 

What's New:
Residential Technology
By Laura Dixon and Jessaca Massey
BG's R-600 in-wall loudspeaker, part of the Radia series, features a three-way passive design based on BG's signature line array concept. The R-600 is comprised of four Neo10s and a 10"×5" wideband planar ribbon, which is based on the BG's proprietary technology and is significantly larger than other BG ribbons. Complementing the Neo10 system are 12 Neo3 planar ribbon tweeters, operating from 1.5kHz to 20kHz. Anchoring the R-600's low-frequency section are two long-throw, high-power dual gap woofers...

What's New:
Audio Technology
By Laura Dixon and Jessaca Massey
Wharfedale Professional's EVP-XP series loudspeakers, the powered version of the new EVP-X series, offer increased power handling and improved features over the earlier EVP-P series. The powered loudspeaker features a new elliptical waveguide horn and Wharfedale's 44mm titanium compression driver for superior HF reproduction. The power amplifier sections of the EVP-XP use Class A/B topology and integrate seamlessly to give optimal performance across the range...

Buyer's Guide:
Powered PA Loudspeakers
By Bruce Borgerson
A dozen years ago, powered PA loudspeakers were the rare exceptions. Today, though not exactly the rule, they certainly command a significant and steadily...

Technology Showcase:
Molded Loudspeakers
By Bruce Borgerson
Mr. McGuire: I just want to say one word to you just one word. Are you listening? Ben: Yes, I am. Mr. McGuire: Plastics. Think about it. Back in 1967, when Dustin Hoffman's character in The Graduate puzzled over this unsolicited advice, nearly all loudspeaker enclosures were...

What's New: Residential Technology 
By Laura Dixon
MTX Audio's Monitor series loudspeaker system features four new models for home theater audio systems. Most of the models feature poly-woofers in a D'appolito array for exceptional imaging. A D'appolito array is a high-end, specific, mid-tweeter-mid (MTM) driver configuration that uses controlled...

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