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Technology Showcase: Line-array Loudspeakers

May 1, 2008 12:00 PM, By Bennett Liles

The latest range of enclosures pack more audio punch.

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Meyer Sound M'elodie

Meyer Sound M'elodie

SLS Audio markets the LS8800 biamped line source array module, compact in size but with an acoustic output of up to 115dB SPL in the listening area. Highs are handled by a PRD1000 planar-ribbon transducer while the low-frequency section uses two 8in. drivers with a die-cast basket and patented Intercooler system. All rigging is included and the splay angle between boxes is adjustable from one to 10 degrees. The horizontal dispersion angle is 110 degrees and the low-frequency power-handling capacity is 500W while the long-term capacity of the high-frequency section is 104W.

The DreamLine line-array system from Dutch company Sound Projects is a self-powered system equipped with multiple 400W Micro-Amp modules with an integrated loudspeaker management system. The horizontal dispersion angle is 90 degrees and the vertical is 40 degrees with a continuous acoustic SPL of 132dB. Depending on the configuration, the frequency response is 35/80Hz to 18kHz. Each DreamLine enclosure contains at least 12 LM/HF units in a two-way configuration with adjustable vertical splay between units.

SLS Audio LS8800

SLS Audio LS8800

Part of the Array Series from Tecnare, the Line Array LA312 has a bass section formed by two 12in. drivers coupled to a low-flare folded horn for a bass response down to 46Hz (-3dB) for an eight-array element. A single 12in. neodymium loudspeaker coupled to a phase corrector handles the midrange. Highs are produced by two 1.5in. exit-compression drivers attached to a pattern-controlled, symmetrically curved waveguide coupled to a non-resonant horn. This section exhibits an 85-degree horizontal and 8-degree vertical dispersion pattern. Each LA312 has built-in amplifiers with onboard DSP for realtime adjustment of amplifier parameters with the Tecnare software application.

The Type A line array from TOA is available in two versions: the SR-A12L for long-throw applications with a 5-degree by 90-degree dispersion, and the SR-A12S for shorter and wider-throw installations with a 15-degree by 90-degree dispersion angle. Each uses a 12in. low-frequency driver and a high-frequency horn with two compression drivers. The SR-18B subwoofer is available for use with either model for low-frequency augmentation. The horn uses a proprietary phase wavefront control throat to optimize high-frequency performance.

The C-212 line-array loudspeaker from True Vision (TVi Audio Solutions) is available in two versions: the C212 unpowered model and the C-212a with an integral power amplifier. Each line-array enclosure contains two 12in. low-frequency drivers and a 3in. high-frequency compression driver. The unit is also available in a biamped version or with an internal crossover, and there is also a switch option allowing a switchable configuration change between biamped and internal crossover operation. On the biamp version, there is a wiring option for either 16Ω or 4Ω on either section.

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