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Technology Showcase: Line-array Loudspeakers

May 1, 2008 12:00 PM, By Bennett Liles

The latest range of enclosures pack more audio punch.

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The Butterfly C.D.H. 483 Hi-Pack from Outline is the Butterfly system's component for mid-low, mid, and high-frequency reproduction. The unit gets its name from the distinctive shape of the cabinet, which has triangular openings in the upper and lower sides. The high-frequency section has a 3in. compression driver coupled with a double parabolic reflective waveguide patented by Outline. It also has four 8in. mid woofers, and all the Hi-Pack and Low-Pack units are equipped with flying hardware that enables the angle between the array elements to be adjusted in 0.125-degree increments.

Peavey has just introduced its new Versarray 212 three-way line-array enclosure featuring two 12in. Black Widow woofers with dual 4in. ribbon-wire voice coils and a symmetrical drive neodymium magnet along with 10 2.5in. Neo Midrange drivers and four waveguide-mounted planar ribbon drivers. Rated at 4000W peak handling of low frequencies and 800W peak for midrange and highs, the arrays can be adjusted for an angle between cabinets of up to 10 degrees. Each cabinet provides 90-degree horizontal and 15-degree vertical dispersion. There is a vertical-adjustment bracket set included with each cabinet.

The PAS RS.LA integrated line-array system from Professional Audio Systems is designed for front-of-house applications, and it has 16 RS-2LA dual 15in. cabinets with 2in. drivers and rigging hardware. The system includes four 3000W and two 3200W amplifiers, two amp racks with custom I/O panels, an R2 signal processor, all loudspeaker cables, 16 RS-LA caster plates, 28 sets of connecting hardware, and two flying frames.

For heavy-duty FOH applications, QSC offers the WideLine-8 line-array loudspeaker system featuring the WL3082 with a 135dB peak SPL acoustic output, 140-degree horizontal dispersion angle, and 8in. neodymium LF/MF drivers to extend frequency response down to 62Hz. The WL212-SW provides a dual 12in. subwoofer, 135dB SPL, and frequency range down to 32Hz at -10dB. The WL212-SW can be mounted behind or above the WL3082 array, and the WL3082 can be tilted from 10 degrees down to 10 degrees up in relation to the subwoofer. The HF elements can handle 85W continuous power while the midrange and high elements can handle 250W continuous power.

The PN102LA line-array loudspeaker modules from Renkus-Heinz maintain full-frequency response throughout the 150-degree horizontal dispersion pattern with its isophasic plane-wave generator and acoustic diffractor baffle. Powered by the PN-1 PowerNet amplifier, the PN102/LA provides a total frequency response of 60Hz to 18kHz with a program SPL at 132dB for highs and 129dB for the lows. The HF is handled by two 1in. SSD1803-8 compression drivers operating at 8Ω and 100W program on each, while the LF is provided by two 10in. SSL10-7 woofers with 200W RMS at 8Ω.

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