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Technology Showcase: Line-array Loudspeakers

May 1, 2008 12:00 PM, By Bennett Liles

The latest range of enclosures pack more audio punch.

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Bose Panaray MA12

Bose Panaray MA12

For small to medium venues at distances up to a little more than 131ft., Dynacord markets the Cobra-2 line-array system to provide a maximum SPL of 137dB in the medium range and up to 141dB in the bass. The Cobra-2 consists of four Cobra-Top mid/high-frequency enclosures, four Cobra-Sub subwoofers, a CSR-12 12RU amp rack, and a 2.5-degree wedge set. The system has a dispersion angle of 120-degrees horizontal and 15-degrees vertical. The Cobra-Sub and Top exhibit 600W RMS power handling at 8Ω.

The NTL720 self-powered, three-way loudspeaker array from EAW has as its most prominent component a single, large MF/HF horn across the face of the enclosure complemented by side-mounted, frequency-shaded LF drivers. Power is provided by three 500W Class-D amplifier modules, each with its own DSP for EQ, delay, and level control. Total acoustic response is 75Hz to 21kHz with a peak SPL of 133dB (127dB continuous) and a 110-degree horizontal by 12-degree vertical dispersion pattern.

The Xlc127+ three-way line-array system from Electro-Voice can be built into an array of four to 16 cabinets, each containing a DL12 low-frequency mid-bass woofer and two 6.5in. horn-loaded drivers in a vertical array for midrange response. The high-frequency section is composed of two ND6 3in. voice-coil neodymium compression drivers loaded on two Hydra plane-wave generators. The Xlc127+ provides a horizontal dispersion pattern of 120 degrees and a vertical angle of 8 degrees with a maximum acoustic SPL of 130dB. The unit may be operated in a biamp or triamp configuration.

Intended for large venues with long-throw requirements, the VLA Series line arrays from JBL offer a tailored solution with a wide range of models. The series provides six large-format horn-loaded modules with three horizontal horn coverage patterns of 30, 60, and 90 degrees. Of these, the VLA901H is a three-way, full-range unit with a response of 58Hz to 12kHz; horizontal coverage of 90 degrees; and maximum sustained sound-pressure levels of 131dB, 139dB, and 142dB for low, mid, and high.

Designed for high performance in a small package, the Arcs from L-Acoustics can be deployed in tightly wrapped arrays in single- or double-row configurations and for horizontal arraying in up to four units. Exhibiting an asymmetrical vertical coverage angle of +40/-20 degrees and a horizontal directivity of 22.5 degrees, the active two-way enclosure uses a single 15in. bass-reflex-loaded loudspeaker with a 3in. voice coil for lows and a 1.4in. compression driver mounted on a DOSC waveguide and lens for HF performance. Four enclosures can deliver 137dB continuous SPL with coverage of 90-degrees horizontal by 50-degrees vertical.

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