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Technology Showcase: Line-array Loudspeakers

May 1, 2008 12:00 PM, By Bennett Liles

The latest range of enclosures pack more audio punch.

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Apogee Sound ALA-9

Apogee Sound ALA-9

For delivering speech intelligibility in a live acoustic environment, Bose offers the Panaray MA12, deployed either singly or in stacked arrays for tight high- and mid-band pattern control. The MA12 reproduces the entire critical vocal range from 155Hz to 112kHz with no crossover required. Depending on the specific type of configuration, the MA12 can be matched in optimum frequency response with the Panaray System Digital Controller for active equalization. The unit has 12 2 1/4in. drivers per enclosure, 300W continuous power handling, and 160-degree horizontal coverage with a maximum acoustic output of 130dB SPL at 3.28ft.

The Q-Series array loudspeakers from d&b audiotechnik are a group of four models using conventional rotatable CD horns, dipolar driver arrangements, and low-compression vented designs with high-excursion drivers and toroidal wave-shaping devices. The Q7 is a passive crossover, two-way enclosure with a 1.3in. exit HF driver and two 10in. LF drivers exhibiting a 75-degree horizontal spread. The 40-degree vertical dispersion angle is maintained down to 400Hz. For extra versatility in mounting applications, the horn can be rotated 90 degrees without removing the metal grille. The various components available from d&b audiotechnik present a wide array of combinations and mounting options.

The Aero-38 externally powered medium-format line-array module from D.A.S. Audio incorporates wide-frequency response in a compact enclosure by integrating low-, mid-, and high-frequency transducers in a single unit. Two 12in. loudspeakers use 4in. voice coils to handle the low end. Two 10in. cones with 3in. voice coils provide the midrange and one ND-10 large-format compression driver pushes the highs. This uses a 4in. titanium diaphragm, copper-clad aluminum EFW voice coil, and a 1.5in. exit throat coupled to a Serpis high-frequency plane-wave generator. This combination allows a frequency range at -10dB points of 50Hz to 18kHz. The horizontal dispersion figure is 90 degrees.

For touring and theatrical applications, Duran Audio offers the Axys Target system with Digital Directivity Synthesis (DDS). At the heart of the system is the Axys Target U-16 line-array module with a vertical slot-diffraction HF horn coupled to a 1in. neodymium compression driver. The self-amplified unit also has two 6.5in. direct radiating low-mid drivers. An internal class AB amplifier provides 530W RMS into 4Ω for the low-mid and 200W RMS into 8Ω for HF performance. The Axys Target U-16 has a total frequency response of 160Hz to 20kHz ±3dB and a 90-degree horizontal dispersion pattern.

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