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Penton Audio IDA8C

Jan 23, 2012 2:56 PM

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Systems Integration and the NFPA 72 Code
School Safety
Understanding EN 54
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Product: Penton Audio IDA8C
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Penton Audio IDA8C

The Penton Audio IDA8C is a third-generation modular system offering IP and/or fiber-optics networking capabilities along with full NFPA 2010 compliance and EN54-16 certification. System design and set up is done via a drag-and-drop DSP interface offering an industry-standard component library with advanced matrix control functions. The front panel features a high-resolution TFT panel for control and monitoring, a fully monitored fireman’s microphone, and emergency message trigger buttons. The IDA8 offers full monitoring of the entire systems integrity including amplifier monitoring with automatic hot-swap to back-up amplifiers and loudspeaker line monitoring. Each IDA8 can support up to eight audio inputs and features 16 line outputs supporting eight different zones with Class B wiring and A/B line detection (as specified in EN54-16). In addition to the front-panel mounted fireman’s phone, up to four PSS security microphone consoles with a color touch pad can be connected to each IDA8. Slave units (IDA8S) can extend the system configuration with an additional eight inputs and eight Class B outputs with A/B line detection or single-zone line monitoring.

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