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Line Arrays

Oct 2, 2013 3:05 PM, With Mark Johnson

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Electro-Voice XLCi 127DVX

Electro-Voice XLCi 127DVX

dB Technologies’ active, three-way DVA T8 line array module provides a frequency response of 66Hz to 18,000Hz and a maximum SPL of 132dB. Two 1in. high-frequency drivers provide 100-degree horizontal by 15-degree vertical coverage. The system also incorporates a 6.5in. mid driver and an 8in. low-frequency driver. The convection-cooled class D amplifier provides 350W, low frequency, 175W mid frequency, and 175W high frequency.

One of the offerings from Duran Audio’s AXYS Target range, the self-powered Target U-16 mid/high unit, features a frequency range of 160Hz to 20kHz and a maximum continuous SPL of 123dB. The coverage is 90 degrees horizontal and vertical. The driver complement consists of a 1in. neodymium compression driver mounted on a vertical slot diffraction horn, and two 6.5in. low/mid drivers.

The DSA250z from EAW is a two-way, full-range digitally steerable array with integral signal processing and amplification. Each of the eight 4in. cone low-frequency, and eight 1in. dome high-frequency transducers has dedicated DSP and amplification to facilitate the adjustable vertical coverage pattern. Horizontal coverage is 120 degrees. The frequency range is 78Hz to 15kHz.

The XLCi 127DVX is an adaptation of Electro-Voice’s XLC line intended for permanent installation. The system features a frequency response of 65Hz to 16,000Hz and a horizontal coverage of 120 degrees. The three-way system incorporates one 12in. DVX3121A low-frequency driver, two 6.5in. DVN2065 mid-frequency drivers, and two 3in.ND6-16 high-frequency drivers. The maximum peak SPL is 130dB.



JBL’s VLA (Variable Line Array) Series features the VLA901 three-way, full-range loudspeaker. The system comprises two 15in. low-frequency drivers, two 8in. cone midrange compression drivers, and three 1.5in. exit compression high-frequency drivers producing a maximum SPL of 131dB (LF), 134dB (MF), and 139dB (HF). The frequency range is 42Hz to 15kHz and the horizontal coverage is 90 degrees.

The K-Array KH4 uses 12 8in. low/mid cone drivers and five 1.75in. voice coil compression drivers mounted in an aluminum enclosure. The horizontal coverage is 120 degrees and the vertical coverage is variable from 7 degrees (line array applications) to 37 degrees (single speaker systems). The maximum SPL is 139dB peak and the frequency range is 80Hz to 20kHz. Eight channels of integral DSP controlled Class D amplifiers provide 500W per channel.

L-Acoustics KARA modular WST

L-Acoustics KARA modular WST

The KARA modular WST line source from L-Acoustics is a two-way, biamplified system that comprises two 8in. neodymium low-frequency drivers and a 3in. neodymium driver coupled to a DOSC waveguide. The useable bandwidth is 55Hz to 20kHz and the nominal horizontal directivity is 110 degrees symmetrical. The maximum SPL is 139dB. The rigging system allows the suspension of up to 24 modules in a single array.

The Mackie HDA arrayable powered loudspeaker incorporates 1200W of Class D Fast Recovery amplification, a 12in. neodymium woofer with a 3in. voice coil and dual 1.7in. compression high-frequency drivers. The frequency response is 57Hz to 20kHz; the calculated maximum peak SPL is 134dB. Array coverage is 110 degrees horizontal and the vertical coverage is between 20 and 80 degrees (averaged) depending on array configuration.

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