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Upgrade for Even Coverage

Apr 1, 2013 3:26 PM

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The Bayside Church in Roseville, Calif., known to many as the home to house-of-worship leader and influential musician, Lincoln Brewster, recently upgraded its speaker system for its 2,300-seat main campus location with a Nexo GEO S12 line array, RS18s, and NXAmps. Bayside Church has a total of four locations, and more than 12,000 members of the congregation attend worship services on any given weekend.

“Lincoln was very much involved in our decision to replace our existing d&b system with the NEXO system,” says Lee Fields, senior audio director for all audio systems and audio staff across the campuses. “It was really a joint effort; Lincoln trusts me, but at the same time, I don’t underestimate his talents either. He is an incredible audio engineer in his own right. After all, he has mixed most of his own records.” The Nexo system was purchased through Special Event Services (SES) in Sacramento.

The core of the change in line array systems was the drastic increase in the church’s seating, from about 1,900 to 2,400. “With the previous system, over half of the seating area would have been in coverage by delay speakers—not ideal with the worship experience we are trying to create,” Fields says. “The Nexo line array has allowed us to cover the room much better from a single source, and every seat sounds amazing and surprisingly similar to the next.”

The second reason for the system change was more philosophical, with Brewster wanting to strike the right sonic balance between the PA system and the room size while being cost conscious.

“We finally found a product that far exceeds our needs sonically and that is also a perfect representation of being a good steward when it comes to our church’s money,” Fields says. “This is the biggest win for us on a personal level, knowing that we didn’t have to spend zillions of dollars on a system. We are astonished by the performance of the GEO S12 rig. It feels great knowing our church can go about the duty of assisting people with the money we saved by choosing the product we did, and we didn’t sacrifice anything, rather, we gained everything.”


Geo S1210/S1230 presents an ergonomic sound reinforcement solution for most applications. Integrated with Nexo’s CD, S2 or RS15 SubBass cabinets, the S1210/S1230 system is a three-box toolkit that provides cardioid focus and fidelity. The S12 technology optimizes mobile system inventories through midsized system output, while Designers and Consultants benefit from S12’s weather-proof options, dedicated TD controller, and bid-friendly installation hardware.


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