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Taking a Church from a Temporary Setup to a Permanent Install, Part 1

Mar 7, 2013 12:58 PM, With Bennett Liles

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Editor’s note: For your convenience, this transcription of the podcast includes timestamps. If you are listening to the podcast and reading its accompanying transcription, you can use the timestamps to jump to any part of the audio podcast by simply dragging the slider on the podcast to the time indicated in the transcription.

It’s happening more and more. The congregation has outgrown the church and needs more space. At First Church of the Nazarene in Marion, Ohio, they moved into the gymnasium while their old church was torn down and rebuilt. Elite Multimedia of Memphis, Tenn., came in to help in both places, and Wade Russell is here to tell us how they made it happen, coming right up on the SVC Podcast.

SVCWade Russell with Elite Multimedia in Memphis, Tenn., it’s good to have you on the SVC Podcast again. We talked a little while back about another job you had going at the Living Hope Church in Piperton. So since the last time we talked, what’s been going on at Elite Multimedia?

Wade Russell: We’ve been staying busy. We launched a new office in Nashville, Tenn., back in November of last year, and just been truckin’ along, keeping busy with rental clients as well as new install and designs. [Timestamp: 1:19]

Well, as in any business, it’s always good to stay busy, but it seems that for a lot of AV companies it’s either a feast or a famine kind of thing. They’ve either got more stuff than they can handle or the, you know, the tumbleweeds are blowing down the hall. But being on the busy end is always a good thing.

Yeah, it’s definitely better than being hungry, I guess, huh?

And you had a big job here at the First Church of the Nazarene in Marion, Ohio. What kind of church is that? What sort of a worship style do they have going on there?

Marion First Church is up in Northern Ohio and they’re a pretty contemporary church. Just been experiencing a lot of growth lately and just, you know, with their growth needed some room for expansion and stuff. So they’ve just been a very dynamic worship experience. And I think because of their leadership of the church they’ve just been growing at a good rate. So they’ve been staying busy. [Timestamp: 2:13]

It seems like that’s the situation in a lot of churches now, that their congregation has outgrown the facility and they’re getting kind of pinched for space. Along with that expansion comes maybe upgrades in sound and video systems. So they called you guys in and what was the situation? What exactly did they need when they called in Elite Multimedia?

You know, we got contacted by First Church Marion early in the stage. They were in need of expanding their facility and decided to build a new worship center. However, in the meantime, because of their land limitations, they needed to tear down their preexisting building and move to a gym. And so they contacted us kind of in that time of planning that out. And we got to come in early and give our advice pertaining to the production aspects in moving into a kind of a gym-natorium for a temporary use while they were building their new facility. [Timestamp: 3:13]

I know that has the potential of being pretty disruptive, but they want to maintain the routine as much as possible through the transition to the new sanctuary. Keeping the congregation informed, you know, as to what’s going on and where they’re supposed to go. How long did they have to use the gym for the services? There must have been some kind of, you know, tech challenges there in trying to use a gym for the sanctuary.

Sure. There was a need for a temporary service about just over a year, to be able to properly, you know, suit them. And what they ended up doing is having two services in that gym. And with any type of audio/visual systems meeting in a gym-type facility, you can imagine the acoustics are not the greatest, so you have to be very intentional with speaker placement and just planning things out. And also keep mind that this is a temporary facility and we had to keep in mind their needs to be able to facilitate that to where they could use it later in their new facility. [Timestamp: 4:17]

That must have been sort of a tricky thing to do because even though it’s temporary, you have the whole congregation using that gym for a whole year. Now that must have required a very substantial setup to be temporary. Was the gym dedicated for services during that time or was it being shared with other activities for that whole time?

You know, during that year—just over a year that they were in there—they used it on the weekends for their service facility for worship services, but during the week they kept having their regular children’s groups and different recreational activities in there. And so we had to utilize a system that could be kind of put away, and a means to kind of keep away from the kids hittin’ balls against it and, you know, make it a multipurpose facility for technical production. [Timestamp: 5:08]

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