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Small Auditorium Sound, Part 1

Jun 4, 2012 2:58 PM

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Part 1

Editor’s note: For your convenience, this transcription of the podcast includes timestamps. If you are listening to the podcast and reading its accompanying transcription, you can use the timestamps to jump to any part of the audio podcast by simply dragging the slider on the podcast to the time indicated in the transcription.

Cramton Auditorium on the campus of Washington, DC’s Howard University has seen a huge variety of performances and its recent complete renovation included L-Acoustics speaker arrays and amplification installed by RCI Systems. Bob Capotosto and Gene Ingham are here to tell us all about it, coming right up on the SVC Podcast.

Bob and Gene, it’s great to have you with us on the SVC Podcast from RCI Systems in Beltsville, Md. I know you’ve got a lot going on there so what all does RCI Systems do?

Gene: Well primarily we’re an event production company and we provide audio, video, lighting for special events, corporate events, things of that nature and then obviously our side of the business is the integration side where we do design and installation of the audio, video and various control systems. [Timestamp: 1:15]

And with the way the AV technology is changing and integrating IT that’s always something to stay on top of. You got into the Cramton Auditorium at Howard University in Washington, DC. I know that has a lot of different performers, it’s a busy place and so you did a big sound system upgrade there so tell me about Cramton Auditorium.

Gene: Well the auditorium was originally opened in 1961, recently renovated for the 50th anniversary and it’s been the host for speaking events, theatrical productions and concerts as well as handling all their scholastic and church events. [Timestamp: 1:48]

And they’ve got music acts and they’ve got debates and lots of other things so the sound system has to be able to handle a lot of things. So what exactly did they say they needed from this project?

Gene: Well it was a complete building renovation along with power and they wanted to include the audio system upgrade. One of the major problems was that production was being brought in for every show which added to their bottom line cost. The existing system had poor coverage and intelligibility issues. [Timestamp: 2:18]

And when you have to set up everything temporarily for every different event, it’s not going to be nearly as reliable as a permanently installed system either.

Gene: Right, you never know what you’re going to get from show to show. [Timestamp: 2:27]

Why did you decide to go with the L-Acoustics system for this one?

Bob: Well in our meetings that we have with the university we reviewed various writers that they had done in the past and with the various acts and the decision was made to proceed with the L-Acoustics solution primarily based on writer’s acceptability and then we looked at the cost and the product life cycle and that pretty much made the decision for the university for the return on investment. [Timestamp: 2:59]

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