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Auditorium Hall Upgrade at University of Rhode Island, Part 1 
With Bennett Liles
With all of the events coming along for Edwards Hall Auditorium at the University of Rhode Island, the old sound system couldn’t handle it and Adtech Systems was called in to modernize and upgrade the place with a Bose RoomMatch system. ...

Bose RoomMatch a Fit for Washington Church 

When construction began on Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, church leadership and the architect, Seattle-based Broderick Architects, turned to Olympia’s CCI Solutions as consultant for acoustics and systems integrator for the audio system. ...

Preserving Acoustics and Design in a Historic Church, Part 1 
With Bennett Liles
It’s a well-known challenge that never gets any easier to meet. A traditional church that’s very reverberant, but they need to understand the pastor through all of that reverb. ...

By Alan Hardiman
“Battle of the Titans,” a dinosaur exhibit staged at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario, this past winter featured life-size recreations of a tyrannosaurus rex and triceratops charging toward each other....

Distributed Vs. Centralized Audio Processing 
By Don Kreski
There’s a debate going on today that some audio professionals thought was settled years ago. Is it better to centralize digital signal processing in a large audio system or distribute it over many processors linked via the network? ...

Yamaha AFC Allows AVL to Design Appropriate Reverb Time for Finger Lakes Community College 

Theater consultant, Seth Waltz, known as the “Yamaha AFC (Active Field Control) aficionado,” was brought in to capture the pure acoustics of the newly created performing arts venue at the college....

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West Upgrade, Part 1 
With Bennett Liles
Built in the 30’s and it still looks like the future today, Taliesin West, the winter home of Frank Lloyd Wright, got a complete AV makeover in its famous Cabaret home theater....

Sound Image Costs and Benefits, Part 2 
By Bob McCarthy
Image control techniques in action...

Modern Government AV, Part 2 
With Bennett Liles
A complete courthouse renovation included new sound systems and acoustic modifications. ...

Upgrade for Even Coverage  

The Bayside Church in Roseville, Calif., known to many as the home to house-of-worship leader and influential musician, Lincoln Brewster, recently upgraded its speaker system for its 2,300-seat main campus location with a Nexo GEO S12 line array, RS18s, and NXAmps....

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