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Installation Profile:
Creating a New Reality
By Daniel Keller
If it's true that necessity is the mother of invention, then it must be equally axiomatic that competition is the mother of reinvention. It certainly...

Danley Sound Labs Subs Solve Low-end Problems at Perimeter Church 

Installation Profile:
A Vision Realized
By Jack Kontney
When the staff of Southlake Foursquare Church in suburban West Linn, Ore., decided to expand, it had a vision it was determined to realize. The new structure...

Thermoplastics 101 
By Bruce Borgerson
As molded cabinet loudspeakers proliferate throughout the marketplace, the lexicon of the AV systems integrator has expanded—perhaps reluctantly—ever deeper into the vocabulary of chemical engineering. ...

Installation Profile:
Standout Integration
By Jack Kontney
Every installation presents its own problems. Some are predictable, some not. Customer requirements may prove challenging, or physical anomalies in a facility may prevent tried-and-true designs from being implemented. But finding ways to provide solutions that meet user needs through creative application of technology keeps this industry interesting...

The Buzz: Install of the Month:
Jubilee Auditoriums
By Jack Kontney
In 1955, to mark the 50th birthday of the province of Alberta in a memorable and lasting way, the Alberta government constructed two identical auditoriums—one in Edmonton and another in Calgary. Completed in 1957...

Suburban Chicago Church Welcomes QSC Audio to its Family 

The faithful, small but growing congregation of the Family Life Church in Chicago recently had its faith rewarded. After many long Sunday meetings in a makeshift sanctuary in the Elgin O'Hare Commerce Building, the church received a truly remarkable donation — a new home. The gift of a classic church building, not far from the existing facility, was a welcome one indeed, and the Family Life staff immediately set about to make it their own, beginning with a new sound system based around ModularDesign (MD) series loudspeakers from Costa Mesa, Calif.-based QSC Audio Products. ...

Listening Evaluation  
By Rick Kamlet
You walk into a semi-darkened room about the size of a small living room. The selective lighting reveals six comfortable chairs. You see a scrim at the front of the room, and a flat-panel computer screen and a keyboard at the center...

Entertainment Innovation 
By Daniel Keller
With the popularity of theme parks and themed entertainment venues at an all-time high, the designers and proprietors of these establishments have done what any business would do when faced with the prospect of an oversaturated market...

Houses of Worship — October 6, 2005 

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