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InfoComm Pick Hits 2007 

At InfoComm 07, Sound & Video Contractor's editorial team patrolled the show floor at the Anaheim Convention Center hunting for new products deserving...

Westfield High School Adopts New Approach to Venue Acoustics  

On the surface, Westfield High School, located 20 miles north of Houston, seems to be a fairly ordinary public high school, with successful sports teams and National Merit Scholars. But below the surface, Westfield High is far from typical--in fact, it is at the leading edge of technology, housing one of the earliest installations of Meyer Sound's...

Installation Profile:
Designer Home Theater
By Dan Daley
One-button simplicity was the goal in the Electronics Design Group’s installation of a 22-seat theater in a 20,000-square-foot new home in northern New Jersey...

Expert Column: Developing a Sound Home Theater 
By Sean Bowman
The most important thing to remember when building a home theater is that even with high-end equipment, sound quality will suffer from poor acoustics...

PE Classes Use AV, Media, and Video Games to Combat Obesity 
By Linda Seid Frembes
As schools are adding more and more classroom AV systems, it is the natural progression that AV will show up in other areas outside of the classroom. Recent trends have included the addition of professional sound systems, flat panel displays, and video games into physical education (PE) classes...

Meyer Sound Milo Flies High for Arbonne International Training Event 

Arbonne International has experienced tremendous growth since its 1980 arrival in the United States, and their annual National Training Celebration (NTC) reflects this expansion. ...

UMass-Lowell Sound Recording Technology Department Invests in Console 

The Sound Recording Technology department at the University of Massachusetts Lowell offers one of the nation's premier programs for training in professional audio for music, screen, games, and related industries...

The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: First United Methodist Church, Thomasville, Ga.  
By Jessaca Gutierrez
Few acoustic challenges are greater than the issue of designing adequate sound for historical structures during retrofit or upgrade jobs particularly...

The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: St. Andrew Kim Church, Maplewood, N.J.  
By Trevor Boyer
St. Andrew Kim Church in Maplewood, N.J., needed a sound reinforcement system to improve the vocal intelligibility of the pastor, as well as to amplify...

Installation Profile: Back to the Drawing Board  
By Jack Kontney
When a structure as architecturally unique and historically important as the home of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir undergoes a major renovation, there's...

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