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Livestrong Sporting Park: Wired for Action in Kansas City 
by Dan Daley
They started out as the Kansas City Wiz and became the KC Wizards. But as of this, the Major League Soccer team’s 16th season, the newly rebranded Sporting Kansas City will have a new stadium to call its own....

Looking Back to Look Ahead 
by Dan Daley
The sports venue boom raised the bar for AV systems used in them, and a large number of other stadiums and arenas used by scores of minor league and collegiate teams are creating a huge systems retrofit market for integrators....

High-impedance vs. Low-impedance Systems 
By Jeffrey Miranda, president, NeoLogic Sound
The differences between low- and high-impedance speaker systems, while only minor, are still significant. ...

New Church, New AV Gear, Part 2 
with Bennett Liles
Randy Turner of Turner Specialty Contractors provides details on the Aviom stage monitoring and the projection system he set up for the new sanctuary of the Family Church of the Southern Tier....

Heavy-duty Audio Upgrade at Eisemann Center, Part 1 
with Bennett Liles
In this edition, SVC contributing editor Bennett Liles talks with assistant technical manager Virgil Justice and audio technician Valerie Clark about a recent sound system upgrade at the Eisemann Center in Richardson, Texas....

Ideal HOW Acoustics 
By Bob McCarthy
How variable acoustics can create a continuously adaptive sound environment for contemporary houses of worship. ...

A Tale of Two Churches 
By Dan Daley
AV technology is one of the solutions that churches are turning to in an attempt to stem the tide of disaffection. ...

Worship Workflow 
By Mark Johnson
Every week, grocery clerks, insurance salespeople, and factory workers across the country transform into video directors, live sound mixers, and lighting designers. ...

E.C. Wente: An Unsung Audio Pioneer Gets His Due 
By George Petersen
Ask any audio pro what he knows about Edward Christopher "E.C." Wente, and you'll likely get a blank stare. This is unfortunate, because Wente made an enormous impact on live sound technologies that continues to this day....

Worship: A Tailored AV Bid for New Construction, Part 1 
With Bennett Liles
When your church tops out on membership in its present facility, it may be time to build a brand new one and equip it with the latest audio and video system. ...

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