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Isolated Audio Field 

As the preservation of quiet is utterly synonymous with public library space, NYPL was faced with the challenge of catering to the increasingly multimedia-centric senses of today’s youth without adding noise or distraction to the quiet library. The company’s solution was the Holosonics Audio Spotlight directional speaker systems. ...

Full-range Sound System 

For the past 35 years, the 7,500-seat multipurpose Bicentennial Center Arena in Salina, Kan., has hosted concerts, theater, circuses and civic events, rodeos, basketball, roller derby, and home games for the local Salina Bombers. The venue's the original sound system—an exploded cluster system located at one end of the arena that was not up to current standards—remained in place....

Live Mixing Know-how from Buford Jones, Part 2 
With Bennett Liles
In mixing live sound, there’s no substitute for experience, and we have a guest who’s mixed with all the greats. Buford Jones with Meyer Sound is back to tell us more about how it’s done, digital and analog boards, and working with in-ear and floor monitors from a guy who has done it all. ...

Live Mixing Know-how from Buford Jones, Part 1 
With Bennett Liles
Mixing for live sound. It’s one of the most exciting jobs around and Meyer Sound’s Buford Jones has mixed shows with some of the biggest names in the music business. ...

Acoustic Transmission 
By Bob McCarthy
Transmission is the movement of signals from senders to receivers. For acoustic transmission, the senders are musical instruments, voices, loudspeakers—anything that makes noise. ...

The Modern Analyzer, Part 2 
By Bob McCarthy
The math of the transfer function is complicated under the hood but extremely simple to understand from the outside. ...

The Interactivity Behind the Lincoln Heritage Museum, Part 2 
With Bennett Liles
The story of the life of Abraham Lincoln comes to life in the Lincoln Heritage Museum, and Alan Eidson of Eidson Studios was brought in to install all of the interactive sound and video. ...

Living in the Future 
By Tim Kridel and Cynthia Wisehart
Officials in Lexington, S.C., wanted the new-build River Bluff High School to be a school of the future, both educationally and technically. ...

Webinar: Anatomy of a Network: Crash Course on the Basics of AV over Ethernet 

What is the OSI Model? What do Layer 2 and Layer 3 mean to AV Networking? What is the IEEE 802.1 and why does it matter to AVB? What's the difference between Dante and AVB and how are they related?...

Audio at the Musical Instrument Museum, Part 2 
With Bennett Liles
Every type of musical instrument imaginable is played in performance in the theater at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix and when they decided to improve their front fill they got a demo of the K-array Anakonda. ...

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