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God's Voice

Jan 18, 2012 1:07 PM, By Carolyn Heinze

5 line array challenges

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The Cathedral Ceiling


The sanctuary ceiling at Korean Presbyterian Church of Orange County in Westminster, Calif., soars into a 42ft. dome over a shallow, wide main seating space and several balconies. Beautiful and inspiring, no doubt, however congregation members seated in the corners, underneath the balconies, and in the balconies themselves had trouble hearing the sermons.

After 30 years of serving the community, it was time to give the more than 1,000 members of the congregation a quality sound experience. That goal—along with structural soundness—drove an upgrade executed by Aviwork, a design/build firm based in nearby Fullerton, Calif.

Aviworks updated the sound system for the Korean Presbyterian Church of Orange County that features QSC's KLA12s and a KLA18 subwoofer flown in a left-right configuration.

Aviwork CFO and Senior AV Consultant Lake Hosung Leeman explains that the church is traditionally very conservative, but it is starting to incorporate a more contemporary worship style into its services. One of his concerns in designing the system was to accommodate musical performances while maintaining speech intelligibility. The system is flown in a left-right configuration, featuring four KLA12s and one KLA18 subwoofer per side. The loudspeakers are connected to a 32-channel Midas board, and digital signal processing is achieved through a dbx DriveRack 260.

Along with sonic quality, QSC’s unique SOLO (Single Operator Logistics) rigging system factored in Leeman’s choice he says. “KLA is a powered systems with an easy rigging system—you just need one bracket per side,” he says. Not only did the KLAs cut down on labor costs, he added, the rigging also met the church’s desire for structurally sound equipment as a means of earthquake protection.

So far, both Leeman and the church are pleased with the system. “The speakers cover all areas of the sanctuary completely, and I get so many compliments from congregation members,” he says. “They tell me it feels like the speakers are pouring down great sound on them.”

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