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EAW Reports Best Ever European Sales for KF730 Line-array Systems

Dec 5, 2006 3:58 PM

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EAW reports massive sales in Europe of its premium compact line-array system, KF730. Year-to-date sales alone have topped the $2 million mark, with further significant sales scheduled before the end of the year.

According to European technical sales manager, Sean Martin, these figures offer ample testament to the fact that KF730 is the leading system of its class, and that the European EAW line array network is a highly productive organization.

"We have customers all over Europe, from as far afield as Rumania (where we've just sold another large system via our distributors, Stage Expert), Portugal, Spain, and even Iceland, to name but a few," Martin says. "We have an extremely strong network of well over 40 European distributors who, in conjunction with our own application support specialists, have worked particularly hard holding line array demonstrations across the continent. This commendable effort has been especially fruitful in Eastern Europe, and also in Spain where the sterling work of our distributor, Pro3, resulted in the sale of 48 pieces into a single installation."

Martin puts this success down to a number of factors. "It’s not just customers who already own KF760 systems that find the natural affinity with KF730," he says. "It's a hugely versatile system—the fact that it is as easy to groundstack as it is to fly is as important to new customers as its immense power:size and :weight ratio, and now that we have the ability to hang KF730 below KF760 with EAW's new flyware, the possibilities are endless. It goes without saying that EAW sound quality is legendary the world over. With KF730 in particular, the unique Phase Aligned low-frequency system reduces the overall size of the cabinet enormously whilst offering unparalleled bass performance."

Martin also cites future technological developments within the EAW family as being of particular interest to KF730 owners. "Early 2007 will see the first shipments of EAW's new UX8800 digital loudspeaker processor, which offers Gunness Focussing to both our line-array products for even greater system performance," Martin says. "This is an extremely important development as it effectively offers customers a complete system upgrade for both KF730 and KF760 for just the price of the processor, transforming what is already a totally modern, world-class system into a truly next-generation product."

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