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Crest Audio CPS Series Loudspeaker

Jun 20, 2014 3:50 PM

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Crest Audio announces the new CPS series of powered loudspeakers. The CPS line is comprised of three compact full-range speakers and two subwoofers. The CPS10, CPS12, and CPS15 loudspeakers feature two-way designs driven by 1200W Class-D Crest Audio power amplifier sections. The CPS15 Sub and CPS18 Sub subwoofers feature 2000W Class-D Crest Audio power amps. Each of the full-range speakers (10in., 12in., or 15in.) share a 1in. driver in a rotatable horn and symmetrical design suitable for use as a monitor or in standard applications. Each model also features a 40-bit, 96kHz DSP circuit with four presets: standard, indoor, monitor, and low cut, which allows the enclosure to match to one of the CPS subwoofers. The 15in. and 18in. subwoofers are equipped with analog processing and a stereo input for a total of two inputs and two outputs, which means no external processing is needed when matching a sub to a satellite. Additionally, there is a selectable crossover switch (80Hz or 125Hz), a switch for the selection of the 0- or 180-degree phase, and a volume potentiometer.

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