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Video Innovation Moving at the Speed of Business

Jan 24, 2008 11:22 AM, By Jessaca Gutierrez

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Perhaps the most unique feature of these suites is that they can be controlled by the Velocity Control Center. For each event, the control center drops the screens, adjusts the lighting, and turns on the projectors and audio at the preselected Morton’s locations (program users don’t have to select every location) at precisely the exact time. This remote-control precision was an important feature for Velocity. “It’s about delivering the experience and making it very powerful,” says Philip Elias, CEO and executive producer of Velocity Broadcasting. Because this type of content delivery is targeted at C-Level executives, Elias says the experience needed to deliver the kind of luxury those users expect.

But the suites can play host to other events as well without Velocity providing a complex and well-rehearsed broadcasting, for example a viewing of the The Superbowl. For that reason, each location was also equipped with a Crestron controller. This allows Morton’s employees to control the suite as well, and it made training simple for Morton employees.

While the experience won’t provide the same interaction as a real meeting or presentation or even videoconferencing, each broadcast does invite viewers to call into Velocity’s Call Center that has 20 operators ready to take questions and comments that can be answered live within the broadcast. With more than 35 people working within the studio, it’s a large-scale production.

The Green Bandwagon

Like every telecommunications company has heavily touted in the last year, the Velocity/Morton’s partnership is green, cutting down on expensive travel. Although there is some travel costs associated with getting keynote speakers to Velocity’s studios, compared to sending a handful of people rather than a whole staff or even a company, the costs are minimal on the travel side. Some will argue that it doesn’t really keep fuel consumption down when attendees still need to drive to their local Morton’s.

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