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Tools for Corporate Video Asset Management, Part 2

Oct 9, 2008 10:20 AM, By Jessaca Gutierrez

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At Norris Designs, storage is just now coming to the forefront as they’ve grown its number of video assets that require a more sophisticated archiving system. “We recently restructured the company’s data storage and redundancy systems for all our typical data files,” Malone says. “Our next project is to develop a true server-based storage and redundancy system for our video and motion graphics.”

Molland says although the corporate video market is in its early stages of development, there’s plenty of momentum to propel the demand for a larger supply of tools forward. Vividas recently announced its new product, VivStream, which addresses the not only the infrastructure (or lack thereof) that businesses are seeking, but also the demand for HD. VivStream is an IP video platform for corporate videos that provides restriction-free delivery across corporate networks, firewalls, and virus-checking systems.

“We have simplified the video delivery process while increasing the quality of the video,” Molland says. “The result is that we can deliver video to PCs and Macs across browsers; and in addition, we are able to ensure the content can be delivered across a range of bandwidth connections. This ensures that businesses are guaranteed that they can distribute their messages to clients and employees across geographies.

“As businesses continue to develop their online business models, the quality of the viewing experiences and the delivery method become much more important. Audiences are paying for content online whether it’s sporting, films, etc., while they are also looking for and demanding quality. Vividas’ technology not only allows you to stream to the computer, but it will allow you to connect to a plasma, an LCD, or other viewing screens. The quality of the picture is unmatched and will scale as the connectivity increases, which is another reason why quality is important. On the corporate side, we are seeing continuing pressures to achieve business performance and clearly corporate communications is a key component. Our technology delivers a way to provide both live and video communications to employees and clients.

With the Internet a sure component available to all businesses now, Vividas doesn’t require any additional infrastructure. The only component the business will need to invest in is bandwidth, Molland says.

Advanced Media Design’s MediaPointe Ensemble is another product using the strength of IP to create a video platform for businesses. Gareth Wade, VP of sales and marketing, strikes a very familiar chord when describing the product, calling it the YouTube for businesses. “The proliferation of broadband technologies over the past 18 months, along with organizations recognizing that distributed and shared video is a powerful tool, means that the potential audience has grown exponentially,” Wade says. “The creation and production of video is more than often decentralized, created by many different edge-based sources and media servers using a variety of formats. MediaPointe Ensemble simply enables organizations to have an easy-to-use management and sharing system, which integrates easily with a wide range of media capture devices, including our own MediaPointe DMRs. Store and manage all of your audio and video content in one place.”

Looking Forward

Where is video headed in the corporate realm? The only place is toward more sophisticated, saavy systems that tie in with either their already existing AV system for seamless control, or a brand-new build-out to meet any of the business’ needs while still maintaining the economical balance. Afterall, although video may be a prime stepping stone toward the growth of the company in terms of marketing, advertising, and communication, they’re not a production house looking to create the next blockbuster.

“We are starting to see video become increasingly common as a way for companies to convey ideas and effectively market themselves,” Malone says. “As computing horse power, stable and intuitive software, and faster data streaming becomes more economical, the corporate marketplace will absorb it as just another communication device. I believe it is the next step in the communication evolution for day to day business. From the B2B perspective, the facsimile became the first quick way to communicate visually, then email, and now video. For B2C, corporations are starting to see how they can more effectively communicate with the public through utilizing video.

“I see [video] becoming mainstream without most people even noticing. Companies who are now recognizing the value of video usage for business will have a short-term advantage. As our daily lives become more immersed and dependent on video (personal video cams, YouTube-type websites, etc.), business will naturally start utilizing it. Younger professionals have grown up in a video world. As with every generation, they will bring their life experience to the workplace. That experience involves communicating via video. I think in the future, businesses that provide video-based products will need to continue to focus on the creative content and quality of the production. We are making efforts here at Norris Design to improve our offerings, so we can remain a few steps ahead of our competitors.”

“As broadband technologies gain greater traction globally as costs fall, coupled with the ever increasing availability of simple to use video technologies the shift will be in ways businesses start thinking about how to leverage the technology already in place,” Wade says. “We are already seeing wider, rapid adoption of videoconferencing and telepresence across all market sectors; more and more users are now asking the question of ‘What next?’ How can they capture their meetings, presentations, lectures, and training sessions and then share them easily for the greater benefit of all?”

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