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Yamaha QL series digital consoles

Apr 28, 2014 3:27 PM

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Yamaha QL Series

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems announced the worldwide launch of the QL series digital consoles, inheriting the CL series features such as all-in-one mixing, processing, and routing capability for small-to-medium-scale live tour sound, house of worship, corporate AV, and speech applications. The consoles are equipped with Yamaha VCM technology and the Portico 5033/5043, created in cooperation with Rupert Neve Designs, to shape and create as required. Its built-in Dan Dugan Sound Design 16-channel automixer provides optimum channel balance while allowing the mix engineer to concentrate fully on the overall sound. Significant features include port-to-port routing via built-in R series input/outputs that can patch any input port to any output port, allowing the QL console to function as a remote I/O device for any other QL or CL; onboard Dante audio networking protocol; touch-and-turn knob operation; and direct file compatibility between the new QL and CL series digital consoles without having to use a console file converter to exchange files. The Yamaha StageMix Apple iPad app and online/offline QL Editor Software provides remote control. Yamaha QL 1 and QL5 consoles feature 16/32 built-in mic/line analog inputs, 18/34 faders, 8/16 builtin analog outputs, 32/64 + 8 stereo input mixing channels capability, and 16 mix + 8 matrix (or 24 mix total) + stereo + mono outputs. The built-in Dante interface (daisychain or redundant modes) provides a 64x64 matrix for the QL5 and 32x32 for the QL1. All consoles include two MY Card Slots, eight-space premium rack, eight-space GEQ rack, eight-space effects rack, and one license of Dante Virtual Soundcard. Yamaha QL consoles are compatible with Nuendo Live (sold separately) and feature Nuendo Live Control, MIDI/GPI control ports, and two-track direct to USB and multitrack recording playback capabilities. The QL1 is also rackmountable (RK1 rackmount kit sold separately).

Availability: Early April 2014

Price: $8,499 MSRP (QL1); $16,499 MSRP (QL5)

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