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Remote Worship Broadcasting and Recording

Jan 12, 2012 3:48 PM

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Trinity Baptist

Twelve years ago, Trinity Baptist Church outgrew its facility in downtown Lake Charles, La., and headed to a spacious 40-acre lot on the southern tip of the city where a new facility was built. In phase 2 of construction, continued in 2005, the church added a second building to its Worship Center called the Trinity Center. This building would come to house a contemporary worship center called the Cavern.

With the new center, the church could run a contemporary worship service and a regular service in the Worship Center at the same time, each with a different style of music but with live video feed of the pastor's message from the Worship Center to the Cavern.

The video feed is delayed on a TiVo DVR so both services don’t finish at the exact same time. Last year, after completion of a children's area, the church moved to HD. Two HD projection screens were installed in the Worhship Center, with content capture via three Vaddio HD-19 PTZ cameras to support angled shots, a studio-quality JVC 1080p manned camera, and a previously installed Panasonic HE-100 PTZ camera. The center HD-19 is the live video feed to an HD projection system located inside the Cavern.

Two Vaddio Precision camera controllers that are operated by church staff and volunteers control the cameras. In addition to the Cavern overflow, the video is also recorded, archived, and burned to DVDs.

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Vaddio ClearView HD-19

Vaddio ClearView HD-19

Product at Work: Vaddio ClearView HD-19

Vaddio’s ClearView HD-19 high-definition robotic PTZ camera features a 19X optical zoom lens and is built around a 1/3-type Exmor high-speed, low-noise CMOS image sensor with a total of 1.3 megapixels. Integrated SmartShot technology with adjustable image processing provides end-user control of advanced imaging DSP functions. The DSP functions allow the camera operator the ability to deliver an extremely crisp detailed image with vibrant high definition color.

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