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SnapAV Episode ES-HT900-LCR-6 Speakers

Aug 2, 2011 4:37 PM, by John McJunkin

Aesthetically pleasing speakers when in-wall or traditional pro audio speakers won't do.

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These speakers handle 190W RMS and up to 475W peak with a nominal impedance of 4Ω. They’re reasonably efficient with a sensitivity rating of 90dB at -2.83V/1 meter. The published frequency response of these speakers is 47Hz to 20kHz (-6dB). With 6.5in. woofers, it’s no surprise that 47Hz would be down 6dB. The lowest frequency at which the energy dispersion is not below 0dB in comparison with the frequencies above it is approximately 100Hz, with the 3dB down point around 80Hz. This is exactly what I would expect from a speaker with woofers of this size. If deep bass is important, a subwoofer could certainly be employed, and indeed, in the likely application of these speakers in a 5.1, 7.1, or even 2.1 satellite application, this would be the case.

Bottom line: I love the way these speakers sound. I listened to a broad array of musical styles and found that they consistently deliver a very large, open stereo field as a result of their tweeters, and that the low end was full and natural sounding. I heard no significant distortion even at high SPLs, and the entire published frequency range was reproduced very evenly across the spectrum. In addition to musical selections from rock, jazz, orchestral, and pop genres, I also spent some time evaluating movie sound and surround television broadcasts. Both were represented very clearly. In particular, these speakers blew away any others I’ve ever owned for television reproduction. My only regret is that I only heard a stereo pair. I’m guessing that they are truly marvelous in a 5.1 surround application. If you need to specify aesthetically pleasing speakers where in-wall or traditional pro audio speakers will not meet the aesthetic requirement, I definitely recommend to take a look at the SnapAV Episode ES-HT900-LCR-6. It's well worth consideration.

John McJunkin is the principal of Avalon Podcasting in Chandler, Arizona. He has consulted in the development of studios and installations and provides high quality podcast production services.

Product Summary

  • Company: SnapAV
  • Product: ES-HT900-LCR-6
  • Pros: Great sounding speakers, versatile tweeter/port interchangeability
  • Cons: Additional mounting options would be nice
  • Applications: Office/retail uses where in-wall speakers are impractical or impossible
  • Price: $799 per speaker


  • Woofer: Dual 6.5" paper/Kevlar cone, Nomex spider & high temp voice coil
  • Tweeter: 1"x4.5" magnetic planar ribbon
  • Power handling: 190W RMS 475W Peak
  • Nominal impedance: 4Ω
  • Frequency response (-6dB): 47Hz-20kHz
  • Sensitivity -2.83V/1Meter: 90dB
  • Adjustments: Screen EQ, Boundary Compensation
  • Color: Black
  • Crossover frequency: 2.6kHz
  • Connector type: Bi-amp 5-way binding posts
  • Weight: 35lbs.
  • Grille Type: Acoustic transparent cloth
  • Finished dimensions: 12.3"x18.3"x13.0"

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