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Sennheiser Offers Various Components of the Installed Series Mic Line in Nextel Gray

Jul 19, 2007 8:00 AM

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Sennheiser has announced that the Installed Sound (IS) series of versatile microphone capsules, goosenecks, and tabletop and floor stands are now available in Nextel gray. Suitable for conference, broadcast, and house of worship applications, the IS Series is Sennheiser's modular condenser microphone system. The system is aimed specifically at meeting the needs of sound contractors and is priced competitively with the upper-tier offerings of other major brands, while being sonically superior and RF resistant.

The IS Series encompasses three superbly engineered capsules, and five slim-line goosenecks. The capsules are the ME 34 cardioid, the ME 35 super-cardioid, and the unique, lobar-patterned ME 36 mini shotgun. The capsules interface with five different gooseneck options, the 15cm single flex MZH 3015, the 40cm single flex MZH 3040, the 40cm dual flex MZH 3042, the 60cm dual flex MZH 3062, and the 70cm dual flex MZH 3072. The compact MZH 3015 is flexible from the preamp to the capsule while the MZH 3040 has a single flex point above the preamp and a non-bending neck up to the capsule for a clean appearance. The MZH 3042, MZH 3062 and MZH 3072 goosenecks are flexible at the point above the preamp, as well as at the point below the capsule location. The system operates on 12V to 48V phantom power.

The modular components are offered individually and as part of value-added packages tailored for specific applications. Accessories include windscreens, XLR table mounts, shockmounts, dual-flex goosenecks, hanging options for choirs, floor stands, table stands, and a boundary layer adapter for the ME 36 capsule.

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