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Compact Line-array Systems

Sep 29, 2010 12:00 PM, By Mark Johnson

Compact systems composed of 8in. or smaller low-/mid-frequency drivers.

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Meyer Sound CAL Column Array Loudspeakers

Meyer Sound CAL Column Array Loudspeakers

Column Loudpeakers: Audio Comfort Food

Speaking of line arrays, column speakers have been around in some form or fashion for more than 50 years. It’s the classic implementation; it’s like audio comfort food. And like that line from Poltergeist II, they’re back. Actually, they never really went away.

Column speakers fit the bill for a few reasons: The tall, cool, drink-of-water loudspeakers assimilate well into auditoriums or other public spaces where directionality and vocal clarity are important. And because of their relatively low profile, they can blend into the décor with ease. As with the larger-scale line arrays, the length of the column affects pattern control (longer column equals better control at lower frequencies), though this type of system is used primarily for vocal support.

Peavey Sanctuary Series SSE LA

Peavey Sanctuary Series SSE LA

Some of the manufacturers with product in this category include Bose with its Panaray 502 and MA12/MA12 EX modular line-array systems. Community Professional Loudspeakers offers its Entasys indoor/outdoor column line-array system. The CLA37 from EAW uses seven 3in. drivers per module, and Peavey’s Sanctuary Series SSE LA has a compound radius form factor and provides dual coverage patterns. TOA Electronics offers its Type H with curved or straight arrays or the SR-S series.

Some of the manufacturers have designed systems that incorporate self-powering and DSP to enable digital steering of the beam. Renkus-Heinz has developed its Iconyx series with the IC Live install and portable models. CAL Column Array Loudspeakers are the offering in this category from Meyer Sound, and Duran Audio provides the AXYS Intellivox system.

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