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Compact Line-array Systems

Sep 29, 2010 12:00 PM, By Mark Johnson

Compact systems composed of 8in. or smaller low-/mid-frequency drivers.

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QSC ILA System v2

QSC ILA System v2

The self-powered M'elodie from Meyer Sound comprises two 8in. low/low-mid drivers and a 1.2in. exit, 3in. diaphragm compression driver coupled to a constant-directivity horn with 100-degree horizontal coverage. The system features a 3-channel Class AB/H power amplifier. The peak SPL is 131dB, the frequency response is 70Hz to 18kHz, and the weight is 62lbs.

Nexo's Geo T tangent array module is the primary device in an array made up of other modules in the Geo T series. The system features two front-firing 8in. drivers and two back-firing 8in. drivers in a dipolar arrangement, which produces a cardioid coverage pattern from 70Hz to 250Hz. The HF section is made up of one 1.4in. driver mated to a Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesource. The overall frequency response is 60Hz to 20kHz, the coverage is 90 degrees horizontal, and the module weighs 114.6lbs.

Mantas by Outline weighs in at 52.9lbs. and is loaded with two 8in. low/mid drivers and one 3in. diaphragm compression driver for highs. The horizontal coverage is 120 degrees, while the frequency response is 90Hz to 18kHz. The calculated SPL is 133dB peak for the low/mids and 138dB peak for the high frequencies.

Renkus-Heinz IC2

Renkus-Heinz IC2

The ILA System v2 (Installation Line Array) from QSC features the WL2082-I, which incorporates two 8in., low-frequency drivers with one of the two covering mids as well. Highs are handled by two 1.75in. (voice coil diameter) compression drivers coupled to a multiple aperture waveguide. The horizontal coverage is 140 degrees, and the frequency response is 68Hz to 22kHz. The cabinet weighs 37lbs., and the peak SPL is 132dB for the highs and 128dB for the lows.

Taking a variation on a few themes, Renkus-Heinz' IC2 incorporates the company's digital steering technology in a module that comprises four 8in. LF drivers and four 1in. HF drivers in a stackable or flyable design.

The SLS LS8800 uses two 8in. low-frequency drivers and a planar ribbon driver for the high frequencies resulting in an operating range of 72Hz to 20kHz. The horizontal coverage is 110 degrees, the enclosure weighs 60lbs., and the maximum SPL is 131dB for low frequencies and 129dB for high frequencies.

TOA Electronics HX-5

TOA Electronics HX-5

TOA Electronics takes a slightly different tack with its HX-5. The system consists of four speaker modules (each with one 4.75in. LF driver and three dome tweeters) configured in an array. The splay is adjustable to provide 15, 30, 45, or 60 degrees of vertical coverage, and horizontal coverage is 100 degrees. The low-frequency response is dependent on the array configuration (70Hz to 110Hz), and the highs extend to 20kHz. Two types of enclosures are offered: sealed or bass reflex.

The True Vision C-208 is loaded with double 8in. LF/MF drivers and a single HF driver. All C-208 enclosures can be optionally fitted with an internal TVi multichannel Class D power amplifier module. One amplified C-208 enclosure will also power one additional nonpowered C-208 enclosure in triamp mode by daisy-chaining an NL8 cable. The maximum SPL is 126dB, horizontal coverage is 90 degrees, and the weight is 50.70lbs.

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