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How-To Sound ASSIST Tour Announced

Jan 9, 2012 4:34 PM

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The How-To ASSIST Tour (Academy of Sound System Integration, Setup & Troubleshooting) is a training tour designed to teach sound and electrical contractors and sound system installers how to setup, integrate, and troubleshoot live sound systems of any size.

As providers of professional training seminars to Grammy chapters, AES sections, and NSCA, and in church sound training for the last 10 years, the How-To sound workshops have trained more than 10,000 end-users on how to properly setup and run their own sound systems. Now your installation crew can benefit from this industry knowledge on how to properly select, integrate, setup, and troubleshoot any sound system, from the simplest portable gear to concert-level sound systems. These classes are lead by Mike Sokol, who has more than 40 years experience in sound system design, integration, operation, and operator training.

The ASSIST classes are manufacturer-supported and -approved, with a final test and certificate of completion included at the end of the 8-hour classroom program. Topics covered include:

  • Choosing a Digital or Analog mixing console
  • Setting sound system gain structure for best performance
  • How to troubleshoot hum and buzz caused by ground loops
  • Integrating computer and media players into sound systems
  • Eliminating cell phone and radio station interference
  • How proper grounding techniques reduce electrical shock hazards
  • What to do with the subgroups and matrix outputs
  • Speaker polarity testing and channel phase reversal issues
  • When you need delay speakers and how to set delays properly
  • Pink noise RTA analysis for room tonal balance
  • Speaker management and 1/3-octave equalizers
  • How many decibels are loud enough
  • Best place to position the mixing console, plus iPad remote
  • Microphone splitters and patch bays
  • Digital snakes and CobraNet patching capabilities
  • In-ear monitoring and personal monitor mixers

Registration is $399 per person, with an early discount price of $329 at least 14 days in advance. Classes will typically be presented on Fridays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., with a continental breakfast and lunch provided. Seating is limited, so register early. Visit to register for the seminar, or for the latest list of dates and cities in 2012.

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