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Worship: A Tailored AV Bid for New Construction, Part 2:

Jan 20, 2011 2:12 PM, with Bennett Liles

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Yeah, that would be an advantage. So how difficult is it to get the images aligned with the two separate machines mounted?
Well thankfully the NEC NP-4100W’s are designed for staggering. I think that, obviously, the first simple prerequisite to choosing to do this but what’s up in the air, we had used Chief projector mounts which allowed for some really, really great minute adjustments. So really lining up the images between those minute adjustments on the mounts plus the lens shift it’s really not all that…it wasn’t all that difficult and it looked just stunning. [Timestamp: 7:05]

What kind of video format do you run up to the projectors?
It’s VGA from the back of their computer that they already had out to a VGA over Cat5 distribution system. [Timestamp: 7:17]

And what are they using that for—mainly just hymn lyrics and other graphical stuff?
Yeah, currently the church is using their PC to build PowerPoint presentations for hymn display, group prayer; things like that, the major components of their service. We do have some video switching in place that allows the camera system to be routed through to the projection system for IMAG, etc. So they do have that flexibility though a majority of the time they’ve actually just got order of worship and responsive type things up on the screen. [Timestamp: 7:52]

Did you go with the NEC 4100 right away or was there something other than the stacking capability that caught your eye on those?
Well the value for the price is really, I would say, the strong suit of the 4100W’s. They’re a great DLP projector that’s got good color, great feature set. We’ve had a lot of experience with NEC in the past and it’s been great. I think those paired with all of the video distribution equipment and then the draper screens that we chose really turned out to be a stunning system. [Timestamp: 8:22]

On that particular model, do you remember whether they have the lamp door on the bottom or on the top of it?
The lamp door is actually on the top of the projector and so when they’re inverted like they are, it’s facing the bottom so it’s easy access and easy cleaning. [Timestamp: 8:35]

Yeah, that’s what I always like. In fact I don’t recommend to my boss at work that we get any projector that requires you to get the projector down and take the mount off just to change the lamps.
It’s a day’s worth of work pretty much. [Timestamp: 8:46]

So you’ve got a Xantech touch panel in there. What can you do with that?
Well this is the best part I think and my favorite part about this system. You would instantly think that I would just love the great M7CL Console or the high definition projection but actually the flexibility of the Xantech touch panel system is really where I had the most fun on this project when I was doing the programming and the design. In particular, Xantech has got a product called the WIC1200 which stands for web intelligent controller and it’s a box that lives on the network and has the ability to output serial IR, PJ link network command and all this great stuff that we use to control these complex audio systems. And so we had the flexibility of being able to design touch panel control but outside of touch panel control a web interface so that all of the computers on the network, including the iPad that we worked into this system, has the ability to do all of the same system control that the touch panels which has been integrated physically into the space have. So no matter where you are if you’re in front of the computer, if you’re at touch panel or if you’re holding that iPad out on the floor mixing you have the complete ability to turn off projectors, turn them on, cycle the audio system on and off, etc. [Timestamp: 10:06]

Yeah that would be great being able to do mixing on the iPad because you can be anywhere in the house and see what changes in the mix sound like over the house sound system.
Absolutely. Especially with Yamaha and their brand new stage mix software for the iPad it’s awesome. It’s really great. It’s dedicated iPad control from Yamaha for M7CL. [Timestamp: 10:28]

Is there any kind of latency or lag when you’re using that or bringing channels up and down?
We’re using an 802.11n network so the bandwidth throughput is very, very good and there’s no latency. When we were testing the system out if you would drop down to like a G network it was definitely noticeable but on the N network that we integrated it’s awesome. [Timestamp: 10:47]

And when all this came together and you had the sound and video working, were you there for the first service and where they tried it and standing in the shadows with your fingers crossed? And how did the reaction go?
Yeah, absolutely. We try to make a point of attending first use of systems with Intermedia Systems Group and it’s sort of a big deal it’s like the kid taking their first step or taking the training wheels off of a bike and we like to make our expertise available not only as the system designers but as the contractor and the trusted individual who has taken the time to get to know all this equipment at a more intimate level. Being able to be on site for that first use is really something that can’t be described as far the benefit. It was hugely helpful, it was hugely successful. It’s a lot of fun to see members of the congregation just staring in awe at the huge divide technologically that they had crossed from their old sanctuary space to the new one and to get the feedback. Nobody knows who you are or what you do but on the way out to hear people talk about how much that technology has impacted their worship experience or how great the music sounded, etc. It just makes it well worth it and when you’re on site you can help navigate any issues that may arise. Thankfully at their first service we didn’t have any issues. [Timestamp: 12:05]

Yeah and if they know who you are and what you did on the thing they look at you as the big kahuna and its “Yeah, we’re bad. We’re bad.” Josh it’s been great having you on the SVC podcast to tell us about the Hosanna Lutheran Church project in Mankato, Minnesota with their new sanctuary and it sounds like you had a good debut on that. Thanks for being here to give us the details on it.

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