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Wave Church uses HaiVision’s Tasman H.264 AV over IP Codec to Reach out to Distant Congregations

Jan 4, 2007 3:15 PM

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Montreal-based HaiVision Systems is pleased to announce a significant project headed by AE Systems of Portsmouth, Va., which allows Wave Church to extend the reach of its ministry to remote congregations in Virginia Beach. Using HaiVision’s Tasman audio/video encoder/decoder systems, Wave Church conducts its services using bidirectional audio and video to bring the pastor and congregants in satellite facilities congregants together in worship.

“The most significant requirement for Wave Church was to establish a highly interactive and compelling environment for congregants in the satellite facility,” explains Senior Pastor Steve Kelly.

“Our Tasman encoder/decoder is perfect for Wave’s project,” says Peter Maag, vice president of marketing for HaiVision. “HaiVision’s H.264 [also known as MPEG-4 AVC] technology sustains bidirectional DVD-quality video without exceeding 200ms of end-to-end delay. Only now can the AV community and the networking community have an easy reference translation: DVD quality for ‘talking heads’ communication typically requires a single T1, while ‘action video’ can be sustained over a T1 pair. Telepresence is now that simple.”

“The challenge was to implement the system over readily available networks. HaiVision has provided full-quality systems that reliably deliver the required experience over standard T1 network connections. Using H.264 saved us over $43,000 in recurring network charges we were facing with MPEG-2 technology,” says Executive Pastor Greg Phelps. “The decision was easy. The results are amazing.”

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