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New Church, New AV Gear, Part 1

Mar 2, 2011 12:56 PM, with Bennett Liles

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Yeah that’s always fun with wireless stuff. You can put it in and it can work great right from the top and other times you can really get into moving antennas around and dealing with interference. I think wireless is part alchemy sometimes. I guess it’s a lot easier to sale if you have a contemporary service with lots of live music. But you had a new place and a young congregation not afraid to try new stuff.
Right that was a big part of it and they loved the idea of doing the digital backbone in there too and frankly I loved the idea of not having to pull 40 mic cables front to back in that place. By the time we did the wire runs because there were obstructions, even though it’s a new church I still had some obstructions and what not, my wire runs were about 220ft. from front to back and running that Cat-5 cable and getting rid of 40 pair it was just a wonderful deal. [Timestamp: 8:4]

So what do they have on the crew? Do they have people backstage handling wireless gear or are all the pastors and so forth pretty much in charge of their own mics and things?
Well they’ve got a number of people on their tech team and we’ve gone up and trained them a couple of times. Always every…first Sunday of every service we’re always there and…but we do the training before that as well so we’re there I think on a Wednesday or Thursday night and then we went back on a Saturday and so on Sunday morning they were pretty well prepared we pretty much could stay on the background and just oversee and they did a fine job. But then like most churches they had some personnel changeover and so six months later we went back up and did some re-instruction and kept them going. So their people are pretty self sufficient. [Timestamp: 9:18]

Where did you locate the antennas? You mentioned that it worked pretty well right from the beginning so where did place the antennas for a pretty well dropout free operation?
Well Bennett we’re spoiled. I’ve got a…we’re on a balcony position with a line of sight 80ft. up to the stage and those antennas are right there on the front of the balcony. They’re still somewhat discrete, you really don’t notice them because of the way we do it but they’re there and it just made life very, very easy because of the line of sight. [Timestamp: 9:46]

Well obviously you capitalized on the advantages on this one. Family Church of the Southern Tier in Jamestown, New York and Turner Specialty Contractors came in and did the job. Randy Turner thanks for being here for Part One and in Part Two we’ll talk about the Aviom stage monitoring and get into some other things but thanks for being here.

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