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Maximizing the Worship Space, Part 2

Jan 28, 2014 10:45 AM, With Bennett Liles

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And that means continuous training going on. Did they rely on you for that initially or is it the two key members training volunteers?

We did a few initial training sessions on the Vista console. They’d used it before. They’d rented some of our consoles in the past, but we went a little bit more in depth, spent time with them as well as some of their volunteers. And then they’ve been taking it from there as they’ve been getting more and more of the volunteer team trained on it. Once they got everything initially dialed in and set up, it’s fairly easy learning curve on that console. [Timestamp: 3:36]

And I think they’ve got three pretty big projection screens in there?

Yes. We actually replaced all three of those with the new center-motorized dropdown screen and then two side screens that are permanently on the walls. Those are all lit with Panasonic 16K (PT-EX16KU) projectors. [Timestamp: 3:50]

Did they want the Panasonic especially or were those projectors just part of your initial spec on the job?

I’ve used those before many times. The church and I had a few conversations about it and they were very happy with some of the Sanyo projectors they’ve had in the past and so now that Sanyo is part of Panasonic, it just seemed like a natural fit. And so far they’ve had no issues. The projectors work well. [Timestamp: 4:10]

What sort of video signal format do you use to cover that distance all the way up to the projectors?

It currently is a DVI signal over a Cat-5 balun system. Some of the budget got caught on the video side, which is going to be an all-new control room. We weren’t able to do all of that, so the plan is to change that to an HDSDI signal in the future, but right now it’s a DVI feed over Cat-5 balun. [Timestamp: 4:33]

Well, any fewer boxes and connections the video signal has to go through to get all the way up there, the better.


Where do they handle the video control? They’ve got cameras and they’ve got projector feeds to control. How many cameras are they using on the services?

Well right now they do have cameras but they’re just using them for the shut-in video and recordings that they produce. They’re not using IMAG for the service. I believe there’s 40 right now. The plan is there will be four eventually and they will do IMAG. But like I said, we’re waiting for the control room to get refreshed. [Timestamp: 5:03]

Do they have live camera operators or is it remote control PTZ?

The cameras that they have currently, two of them have live operators and one is a lockdown shot.

Okay, so they can upgrade that as they go and as the budget allows. Sounds like you have them on the right track. The new LED lighting takes the improved sound and moves the atmosphere to the next level.

Yes. They’ve been very happy with the installation so far and everything that they’ve wanted to do, the system’s done it. The videos they’re working on, slow but surely we’re nibbling away at the control room and cameras as they can. They’ll be there shortly. [Timestamp: 5:37]

And I figure they’ll call SVL Productions to help them out with that when the time comes.

Yes, sir. We’ll be there.

Alright, Brent Hayes from SVL Productions in Cherry Valley, Illinois. It was great having you here and thanks for telling us about the video and LED lighting parts of tech upgrades at First Free Church.

Thanks for having me.

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