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Lighthouse Screens Relay the Pope's Message

Jul 20, 2006 8:00 AM

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Polish screen rental company TRIAS invested in Lighthouse R12 outdoor screens to ensure that it could provide large crowds with the best possible view of such events as a papal visit and Poland’s World Cup games against Germany, Ecuador, and Costa Rica.

With a Papal visit guaranteed to generate vast outdoor crowds in Poland during May, the country's biggest screen rental company, TRIAS, needed to ensure that it could provide such numbers with the best possible view. The company therefore invested in a large quantity of Lighthouse R12 outdoor screens.

"The Polish event market is growing rapidly, so to keep our leading position we have to grow at a similar rate—or even faster," says Zbigniew Klonowski, TRIAS managing director. "Everything we do is focused solely on our clients, so we had many discussions with our events partners and clients on which LED screen to buy. All agreed that the Lighthouse R12 is the best one for outside events."

"A particular advantage of the R12 is its high resolution and brightness, which means that it benefits a large proportion of the kind of huge crowds that witnessed the Pope's visit," adds Tomas Nauman, TRIAS marketing manager.

Indeed, the four-day visit to Poland by Pope Benedict XVI attracted a total of three million people, including gatherings of nearly a million in Czestochowa and more than 260,000 in Warsaw. Significant assistance was obviously needed for the pilgrims to catch sight of the Pontiff during his sermons, so TRIAS deployed the R12 screens to ensure as many as possible could see the Pope deliver his message.

The R12 was also deployed in several towns to allow Poland's World Cup group games against Germany, Ecuador, and Costa Rica, allowing the games to be enjoyed by those who were unable to get to Germany, but wanted to enjoy watching as part of a crowd.

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