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Digital Signage Helps "Sell" Mission, Services 

It’s only logical to expect churches to get in on the action, considering worship has long been one of the healthiest AV markets. Indeed, churches are adopting digital signage quickly and creatively...

All-Purpose Auditorium at Bayside Chapel Uses Danley Sound Labs 

From an acoustical standpoint, Bayside Chapel’s new worship center would prove to be a challenging environment. The multipurpose "gymnatorium" accommodated several groups throughout the week in addition to the Sunday worshippers...

Management Perspectives: Stepping Outside Traditional Co-op Funds 
By Don Kreski
“We wanted to create something of high quality, something that really spelled out what we did as company,” says JR Gayman, marketing manager of Columbus, Ind.-based integrator CIM Audio Visual. Gayman recently completed the second edition of two Beyond the Technology buyers’ guides...

Church AV Market Size a Confusing Topic 

Getting a grip on the actual size of the AV market in worship communities—and the corresponding sales opportunity for manufacturers, dealers, and integrators—can be a daunting job...

Lighthouse Screens Relay the Pope's Message 

With a Papal visit guaranteed to generate vast outdoor crowds in Poland during May, the country's biggest screen rental company, TRIAS, needed to ensure that it could provide such numbers with the best possible view...

Historic Fleet Street Church Gets AQ6 Upgrade 

St. Bride’s parish church in Fleet Street is one of the capital’s best-known monuments and a house of worship that dates back to the 6th century...

Making an Acoustically Difficult Sanctuary Work: Cornerstone Family Church 

The Media Minister’s Bulging Bookshelf 

The church media minister can sometimes feel all alone in the world, especially when first embarking on an enterprise that can seem vast, expensive, and complex. For many, the first place to turn for help is the library or bookstore, and these sources continue to grow in importance as the list of helpful titles continues to expand. ...

The Buzz: Install of the Month:
First Baptist Church, Alpharetta, Ga.

Founded more than 100 years ago by 19 charter members as a modest, white-framed building, the First Baptist Church of Alpharetta, Ga., enjoys a rich heritage....

Installation Profile:
Multifaceted Ministry
By Jennifer Blum
In 1998, the congregation of Fellowship Bible Church in Dallas was worshipping in a converted office building. But the church, formed in 1977, needed...

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