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Big Sound

Oct 9, 2009 3:23 PM, By Dan Daley

Sophisticated audio for a midsize church.

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Two Renkus-Heinz ST6/64 and two ST4/44 self-powered loudspeakers are flown across the stage, buttressed by four Renkus-Heinz BPS15-2K subs. Six JBL Control 28 loudspeakers provide front fill, and seven Atlas Sound FAP42T ceiling loudspeakers fill the back, powered by Crwon CDi and XTi series amplifiers.

Sound System

Microphone inputs from the stage can be plugged into floor pockets around the stage that are tied directly into the digital snake in a Middle Atlantic MPR-8 power raceway. The signals come up on the new Yamaha Yamaha M7CL mixer at the FOH position, where three Ethernet cards convert the signal to data that is fed to the monitor system (via Axiom cards also in the console) and to the Lowell and Raxxess Metalsmiths amp racks and back to the PA.

The Yamaha console is a good example of how savings in other areas allowed the church to splurge a bit. “The savings in conduit and wiring as well as the benefits of flexibility and future expansion [more than offset the console’s cost],” Driesenga says. “Church volunteers adapted well to the digital board and ultimately found themselves relying heavily on many of the new digital features such as saving presets, scenes, and entire mixes—which constitute additional time and effort savings.”

The PA is self-powered, using Renkus-Heinz ST series loudspeakers. Four loudspeakers—two ST6/64 and two ST4/44 models—are flown across the stage, buttressed by four Renkus-Heinz BPS15-2K subs placed two per side and built into the base of the stage. Front fill for the first few rows is done using six JBL Control 28 loudspeakers, and seven Atlas FAP42T ceiling loudspeakers with 55 microsecond delays fill in the back of the hall, powered by Crown CDi and XTi series amplifiers.

Acoustics By Design (ABD), an independent consulting company, was brought in by the general contractor, Dan Vos Construction (both located in Grand Rapids), to offer acoustical engineering and AV advice for the project. ABD worked directly with the church to ensure the space was optimized for worship, says Kenric Van Wyk, president of ABD. He says he used the EASE Address software modeling of the space to predict its acoustical fingerprint and to determine loudspeaker selection and location. According to Van Wyk, the need was to redirect the acoustical energy more evenly throughout the room—to overcome node buildups caused by sonic reflections. The solution came in the form of custom-made side-wall reflectors made from drywall and cut into an elliptical shape about 8ft. wide.

“These reflective diffusers deliver the sound evenly throughout the sanctuary,” he says.

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