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Jan 1, 2008 12:00 PM, By Jay Ankeney

Plasma manufacturers on house-of-worship applications.

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Is security a major concern in house-of-worship installations? If so, what considerations should a contractor keep in mind, and what security solutions are available?

Baumann: Security is a concern in any location. As displays get larger, it is more difficult to simply walk away with them, as they are difficult to conceal. Houses of worship should protect their investment since many times, these displays are purchased with donations. There are many mounts that include security screw designs that require a proprietary tool. Enclosures are another popular way of maintaining security over displays. NEC encourages the use of a Kensington lock device (or comparable) to discourage any wrongdoing.

Hale: Yes, security is a factor. Pioneer Professional Plasmas have features that help with security, such as IR Lock, which disables the use of remote controls. In addition, there is button disable and RS-232 control. The RS-232 control can act as a communication device between the plasma display and the security staff. A signal can be sent to the plasma by security to make sure it is still there, whether the plasma is turned on or not. If security doesn't receive a signal back, it will know the plasma has been removed. The houses of worship can also purchase special security-mounting hardware that will make it more difficult to remove the plasma from a wall.

Holmes: The use of a security cable [against dropping], and the fact that the mounts are bolted to the wall and the display discourage all but the most ambitious perpetrators of crime. However, Sony has a full line of security cameras and recording technology, which are commonly used in the house-of-worship market for a variety of reasons, including theft deterrence.

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