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Audio Analysts Upgrade AV at Parkway Christian Church, Part 2

Feb 16, 2011 2:38 PM, with Bennett Liles

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Were you there for the debut for the system after it was upgraded? Was this a process, gradual thing or did you just do the whole upgrade and unleash it all at once?
For the most part, it was released all at once. There was a soft opening one week just so that they could go through the process before they invited people outside of the general congregation and really marketed it and then the week after, after doing that then they did a grand opening and our team was there for both of those services. We would mostly stand back and let them do it and just be there for support in case anything was necessary. [Timestamp: 9:1]

So how did they seem to take to it? How did everything go? Quite well, I don’t think that there were any technical problems within either of the services. [Timestamp: 9:18]

I guess sometimes the volunteers may be more up on it than maybe the pastor who may be the one who that’s more nervous about it.
Yeah, I think so.

So what’s up next for Audio Analysts? I know you’re into a lot of different things there. Have you got any particular future projects or things coming up in the works?
Yeah we have a lot of exciting things on the table. Right now we’re speaking with a church that’s about 7,600 seats and they’re looking to upgrade an outdated audio system. We also are halfway through a couple of local church projects that I’ve been real happy with. One of them is a historic building downtown that has given us the chance to be creative in implementing quality AVL but hiding much of the equipment within the sanctuary in order to maintain the aesthetics that the room has. [Timestamp: 10:03]

Yeah the historical buildings—that can really be a problem sometimes because there are so many places that they don’t want you to get into or disturb in any way.
Yep, it’s a challenge but challenges are fun. [Timestamp: 10:14]

Yeah, that keeps it interesting and it makes the new equipment and volunteer tech people in churches…things are never dull. I sure appreciate your being here. Preston Smits with Audio Analysts and the Parkway Christian Church upgrade in Surprise, Arizona. Thanks for being here to tell us about it.

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