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Audio Analysts Upgrade AV at Parkway Christian Church, Part 2

Feb 16, 2011 2:38 PM, with Bennett Liles

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Yeah, that would be a real trick with the lighting because they’ve got so much projection going on and so many different places and they were trying to do video at the same time. The lighting could be a little tricky.
Yes it was because with the video screen backdrop and the Telepresence shot going straight ahead there was very short distance between someone speaking up front and that backdrop behind them and so being able to get the light…what we needed for the video system and still not be washing out the screen took a lot of work but it worked out really well in the end. [Timestamp: 6:11]

Do they have lighting control? Is it just an on/off thing or do they have dimming and motion on the lights and all that?
Oh yes, it’s a full production lighting system. They have a control and large lighting console and intelligence throughout the system. [Timestamp: 6:24]

So they’ve got to have people for that. How many people do they have on a crew there usually for doing Sunday services?
Well in the main sanctuary they usually have, from what I could tell on the couple services I was there, one person for audio down at FOH, light…one person for lighting down at FOH and two up in the video production booth, one running the switching system and one running cameras. [Timestamp: 6:49]

Well that’s a skeleton crew but I guess that’s all you need when you’ve got everything remoted for the camera operation and most of those bigger churches a big chunk of the crew is camera people.
Yes and that was, again, one of the reasons to go the PTZ routes on…they didn’t have as large a technical staff as some other churches with the staff amount of needs and so we really in the design process tried to make things streamlined and easy for users and design things in a way where you could use less people and still have a high level of production and output. [Timestamp: 7:22]

Did Audio Analysts do training for this, any kind of training sessions?
Yes, we did training for the audio, video and lighting. We do training for all new installations that we do as well as retrofits and I spent a fair amount of time with both the technical director, who does a lot of the video work, as well as some of his volunteers to make sure everybody was up-to-date and ready for their first production. [Timestamp: 7:44]

Yeah that can sometimes be a bigger challenge than just getting the equipment in—just sorting the volunteers out as far as who may have experience or aptitude in one production area. You don’t have too much of a problem motivating volunteers but sometimes you may have more enthusiasm than practical ability when you’re trying to put a crew together or break in a new production system.
Sure, that can often be a challenge but I was actually surprised and quite happy with the volunteers that came in at Parkway. They all seemed to do a great job and had some experience beforehand. [Timestamp: 8:15]

And we talked a little bit about this in Part One but do they use that system for other things than just Sunday services?
Yes, the little bit of time I spent there I did see funerals and weddings going on in there as well as occasionally youth events and then different services throughout parts of the week much like any church of that size. [Timestamp: 8:34]

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