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Audio Analysts Upgrade AV at Parkway Christian Church, Part 1

Feb 2, 2011 2:30 PM, with Bennett Liles

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And do they feed all those projectors out of that one FOR-A switcher?
Yes, that’s correct. The FOR-A has enough aux bus’s and between the main preview program and enough scaling capability that we’re able to feed everything directly off of that switcher. [Timestamp: 6:34]

Well that makes it nice. What kind of video signal format do they use to feed all of those projectors?
Everything is over RGBHV and in high definition 1080i. [Timestamp: 6:45]

What kind of projectors have they got up there? Were they part of the upgrade?
Yes, we’re using Christie projectors in that room as well as around the rest of the facility. I’ve been a fan of Christie projectors for a while and they seem to have the products that fit the needs. All of these projectors are also networked and so inside of the video production room you can get feedback from the projectors if there’s any errors going on, bulb life as well as being able to control any of them. [Timestamp: 7:12]

Yeah, I was going to say that the Christie projectors have a lot of features that can make them dependable for churches, especially front projection where you can’t just walk up to the projectors and make adjustments or change lamps.
Yes, in my opinion as well. [Timestamp: 7:24]

And you’ve also got The Vaddio ClearVIEW HD-18 PTZ cameras for the project. How many of those did you put in there?
We have four of them in the main facility and none in any of the other facilities at the moment. The HD18 was a cost effective solution for upgrading to HD and they’re also quite easy to operate and install. The church has been pretty happy with the product and their picture. [Timestamp: 7:47]

And they’ve got a control room where all of these things are operated from.
That’s right.

OK do they use PTZ cameras for IMAG at all?
The HD18’s are used both for IMAG and for shooting Telepresence sermons. We have four different shots in the room. There’s a main shot up front, at FOH as well as one on either side of the sanctuary for some angles and then we have an effects shot that is located above the stage that gives either a good crowd shot or a fun effect above the performers. [Timestamp: 8:2]

Wow, that’s really interesting using PTZ cameras for IMAG. I would think that would be a challenge to be able to keep up with a fairly animated pastor.
You know, the controller is fairly smooth and the guys up top were able to get the whole event pretty quickly and with a limited amount of stuff it’s an easy way to have one volunteer be able to control multiple cameras. And some of those cameras are staying static and so there’s not a lot of need for consistent control. [Timestamp: 8:51]

Yeah and if you don’t have a big staff of people, especially people with a lot of experience, the PTZ cameras save a huge chunk not only on the budget but on the staff as well. It would seem like the learning curve on these things would be pretty quick.
Yes, I think that both considering the staff there and the budget it really made the most sense. [Timestamp: 9:09]

All right, well Preston thanks for being with me for Part One to explain how the Parkway Christian Church upgrade has gone and in Part Two we’ll get more into the cameras and some other areas of the AV production but thanks for taking time out to talk to us and we’ll see you in Part Two.

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