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Barix AG Barionet 50 Network Controller 

Barix AG Barionet 50 Network Controller is a low-cost IP automation controller, monitoring device, and visualization system now shipping for professional and home applications....

Simple Green 
By Trevor Boyer
The Orlando Utilities Commission needed simple, smart AV that could adapt to LEED-driven construction. As anyone who’s scanned through the LEED for New Construction Rating System guidebook knows, there are several ways to go green as a means to strike gold....

2009 AES Convention Preview 
By George Petersen
The Audio Engineering Society (AES) returns to New York in October, and from all indications, this 127th AES Convention will be a great event...

POV: Go Green 
Provided by InfoComm International
Earlier this year, the InfoComm International board of directors appointed members to serve on an InfoComm International Green AV Task Force...

Installation Profile: LEEDing the Way 
By Dan Daley
The Bank of America (BOA) Tower sleekly shoots 1200ft. above the traffic heading uptown on Manhattan’s Sixth Avenue...

InfoComm Matters 
By Michael Goldman
Last year around this time, flowing out of NAB and into InfoComm, I commented in this space that the vibe I was picking up on around the industry was the force of the AV/IT integration trend...

The Purchasing Power of Green 
By Rebecca Day
Consumers may not have a lot of green in their wallets, but they still have green on the brain. With Earth Day awareness still fresh in the public conscience, the environmental movement continues to show legs....

A Look at the Telepresence Market, Part 1 
By Linda Seid Frembes
As the news of the global recession keeps getting worse—more layoffs, lower sales, less demand for products and services—companies are looking for ways to spend their capital budgets wisely and cut travel expenditures without compromising business goals. ...

POV: Pathway to AV Sustainability 
By Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D.
As AV has become integral to organizations' communication infrastructure, AV has become a major component of the building industry. The built environment...

Smart Green Homes 
By Michael Goldman
A couple of years ago, I wrote about how high-end residential installation projects we cover in these pages evoke the spirit of the famed House of Tomorrow...

Expert Viewpoint: The RoHS Directive  
By Jon Melchin
The booming construction market in the United States has spawned an increased awareness of the environmental impact of today's new builds. As a result...

Expert Viewpoint: Green Meetings 
By Craig Malloy
Your business professors undoubtedly told you that nothing beats seeing someone face to face. What they might not have told you is that you don't need...

What Can You Contribute to the Green AV Movement? 
By Jessaca Gutierrez
Just about everything is going green. As more and more consumers become educated about the environment and how to decrease their footprint, green is becoming a successful commodity. In two recently released studies--one put out by the New Buildings Institute and one by CoStar Group...

Picture This: It’s Getting Easier to Be Green  
By Jeff Sauer
The typical AV professional probably doesn't think that often about protecting the planet at least not at work. Our spheres of outward influence are a...

Virtual Dinner 
By Michael Goldman
I recall distinctly when it first dawned on me that modern videoconferencing was not just a niche business tool, but a technology with potential to be...

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