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NSCA 2005 Wrapup 
By Mark Johnson and Trevor Boyer
Sprinkler system malfunction and misdirected emergency evacuation announcement notwithstanding, the 2005 NSCA Systems Integration Expo in Orlando, Fla., can be classified as a success. With 11,000 attendees and 600 exhibitors, there was plenty to see and do. There were three technology pavilions this year ...

Technology Showcase: Large-format LED Displays 
By Jay Ankeney
Over the past decade, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have gained much in brightness and color fidelity and the image-processing systems empowering their...

What's New: AV Presentation 

Da-Lite Screen Company Cosmopolitan Electrol The projection screen is now available in sizes up to 16ft. wide. The new larger Cosmopolitan Electrol has a two-piece aluminum extruded case...

Technology Showcase: Interactive Presentation Technologies 
By Jay Ankeney
For the past few decades, whiteboards coupled with dry-erase markers have served as colorful, cleaner alternatives to the classic chalkboard. More recently,...

Technology Showcase: Display Mounts 
By Jay Ankeney
My kingdom for a horse! cried Shakespeare's Richard III, knowing that the most valuable monarch is worthless without the proper mount. That's also the...

Technology Showcase:
Multiple-Image Display Controllers
By Jay Ankeney
In rapidly increasing numbers, multiple-image display controllers fill government, corporate, and retail environments with information, entertainment,...

By Mark Johnson
CEDIA EXPO 2004 exceeded all previous attendance records over its 15-year history. The Colts, Indianapolis's NFL team, played their season...

InfoComm 2004: It's a Wrap! 
By Mark Johnson
InfoComm 2004 in Atlanta was hot, and it wasn't just because of the humidity. More than 22,000 people attended the show during the three days of exhibits...

Technology Showcase: LCDs and Plasma Displays 
By Jeff Sauer
There's been a lot of talk during the past year or two about a looming battle between LCD and plasma in the large flat-panel display business. It's a...


Lift Auton Motorized The Plasma Lift comes in six standard sizes to accommodate 24- to 80-inch plasma TVs. Custom models are also...

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