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Digital Signage Systems Tech Showcase

Dec 6, 2011 11:08 AM, by Bennett Liles

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TVOne C2-8000

TVOne C2-8000

One of the most popular products from Rise Display is the Rise LED Ticker, which is available in three heights: 16 pixels (5.8in.), 24 pixels (8.2in.), and 32 pixels (10.6in.). They start at 6ft. in length and can be expanded in 1ft. increments to any length using a flexible cabinet that may be wrapped around curves and corners, streamed up pillars, or mounted in serpentine configurations. With 24-bit color (6.7 million shades), the ticker requires no external dedicated computer. It connects directly to the network and is updated from anywhere through a web-browser. The Rise Vision Application open-source software platform allows complete control and management of all digital displays (LCD displays, video walls, and tickers) and authoring of content using easy templates and/or HTML.

The 570DXn 57in. LCD monitor from Samsung can store and execute files locally and function as a web browser. The unit can be mounted in either landscape or portrait orientation and be set to pivot between the two. The internal cooling fan can be controlled through an onscreen menu while the built-in processor can provide for video walls up to 5x5 without external equipment. Using Samsung’s MagicInfo Pro, the 570DXn can be remotely monitored and controlled over the network and software updates can be loaded. Files can be sent to all monitors on the network or to a single display. The monitors can search for library files to play or the files can be sent out to the monitors on a schedule.

With a single PC, control and management of multiple displays can be done with a hardware/software package called Signage Pro HD from Smart-AVI. Each remote display can be set up to run local and common media presentations in separate screen areas. The player has an NVidia GPU:GeForce 7100 chipset, serial, one parallel SATA IDE interface, PS/2 and LAN ports along with S-video and DVI/VGA video outputs controlled by an embedded Linux OS. Supported formats include AVI, various MPEG versions, Flash, Acrobat, PowerPoint, and WMV, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG stills.

The VSP-NS7 HD storage player for digital signage from Sony can provide content resolution up to 1920x1080 for graphics and 1280x720 for HD video. Logos can be inserted over playing content and orientation can be rotated for portrait format. The unit also has a live IP camera input and is controllable on RS-232. Used with Sony’s VSPA-D7 digital signage player management software, the player can easily be set up to provide scheduled operation of custom content. The multi-window GUI includes “launcher buttons” that automatically show the content necessary for the specific operation being performed. Content is distributed to screens such as the Sony 65in. GXDL65H1 LCD public display with serial and LAN remote control capability.

voLANte from Southern Vision Systems is a digital signage solution offering live video-over-IP streaming mode for time-sensitive content. VoLANte's LocalPlay and HostPlay features deliver ad content with audio to each display over standard IP networks. LocalPlay signage is specific to display location while HostPlay signage is specific to a particular source and maintains image and audio synchronization over many displays and zones. Designed specifically to minimize the time from content creation until screen display, LocalPlay and HostPlay support multiple play-lists with independent audio tracks and scheduling between different playlists. Conductor Server software organizes multiple display zones, manages user ad databases, and supports matrix switching. Because of voLANte's live streaming capabilities, EMCast emergency messaging comes standard and takes over every screen on the network to immediately display time-sensitive information.

TVOne designed the C2-8000 universal input seamless switcher with two channel bi-directional conversion between a number of analog and digital video formats. The outputs are selectable in a variety of PC and HDTV video formats to suit the method of distribution and screen display. Transitions include cross-fade, push, wipe, and cut while dual PIP mode allows two windows to appear together on the same output. Control is done either locally on the front panel or over an RS-232/422/485 or IP connection.

ViewSonic EP5502T

ViewSonic EP5502T

Among the ePoster digital signage solutions from ViewSonic, the EP5502T 55in. digital signage board with interactive touch is especially well suited for way-finding applications. The drift-free 4Kx4K touch interface connects to a PC and offers a variety of video input formats. The display also shows JPEG graphics and includes two 5W speakers to play WMA, MP3, and M4A (ACC) audio files. The NMP-640 industrial-grade X86 network media player is designed for 24/7 operation and comes with its own VESA mounting bracket. Connections include HDMI, VGA, USB, and LAN. ViewSonic offers several digital signage software solutions including Signage Manger Express with looping or weekly scheduling, auto detection of IP and MAC addresses, and the ability to push PowerPoint slides directly to the player.

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