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What's New Spotlight and Installation Products

Mar 1, 2001 12:00 PM

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Video Products Spotlight

CAT 5 Interface Inline

Combining low-cost/easy-install CAT 5 cabling with excellent video performance, Twisted Pair Video Transmitters/Receivers from Inline, Inc. let users transmit high-res RGBHV and stereo audio signals on CAT 5 unshielded twisted pair cables up to 500 feet without a significant loss of image quality. Video formats include VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA, MAC, SUN and SGI. Stereo audio can be balanced or unbalanced, depending on the installation. The system pairs a TPR101 half-rack sized receiver with various wall-mount transmitters for mounting into walls, podiums or presentation furniture. The TPT101 transmitter (shown) fits into a single-gang box; the duplex-sized TPT111 unit can be fitted with 75 input plates for various audio, video, computer and phone connections.
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Video Projector


Designed for large audiences in bright environments, the Barco Reality 6500 offers a 5,500-lumen output in a compact, quiet design. The unit features 1.8-inch SXGA polysilicon LCD panels with micro lens arrays and a wide range of input connections: video, S-video, RGB, VGA and SDI/SDO. An optional FireWire input connects computers with digital video cards and consumer products, such as digital camcorders, VCRs and digital cameras without image degradation. Other features include a variety of available fixed-length and zoom lenses; an AutoImage feature that optimizes all display settings to an incoming source signal; and a backlit infrared remote with access to set-up common and user-defined functions such as motorized zoom and focus, lens shift, contrast and brightness.
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Multivideo Processor


With the MVP 104GX multivideo processor, a user can display up to four video signals at once on a single screen. The processor can genlock an external black burst signal in a timed or live system that requires synchronous timing (applications such as videoconferencing and distance learning). It has 20 factory and 24 user presets and features Extron's variable horizontal and vertical blanking, a 3-line adaptive comb filter and multiple-image capability and is compatible with NTSC or PAL signals. During teleconferencing, each video window may be independently sized, positioned or overlapped.
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Front Screen

Stewart Filmscreen

GrayHawk from Stewart Filmscreen Corporation is an innovative front-projection-screen material that's engineered to maximize image fidelity for LCD, DLP and D-ILA projection technologies. The material's unique translucent optical coatings, combined with its gray-based undercoating, increases image black levels, shadow detailing and overall color saturation, providing viewers with a more film-like experience. The viewing angle is 160, and GreyHawk is available in various fixed and motorized retractable screen models
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Video Projector


The Panasonic PT-L701SDU is a portable XGA projector featuring an onboard SD card slot that allows users to store images on postage-stamp-sized SD memory cards for PC-less presentations. The 8.6-pound unit delivers 1,000 lumens of brightness in 1,024 ? 768 true XGA resolution (max is 1,280 ? 1,024 UXGA), a short-throw lens (80-inch image at 8.2 feet), an auto slide show function for unattended continuous presentations, compatibility with PAL, SECAM and NTSC sources, two small built-in stereo speakers and 4:3 and 16:9 display modes. The package includes a 16MB SD memory card, PC card adapter and software for converting BMP or TIF images (or entire PowerPoint files) into JPEG images.
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Video Synchronizer

Prime Image

Designed to keep video signals clean and stable, the D1 Sync+ frame synchronizer includes a serial digital interface input and four serial digital interface outputs in a single-rackspace box with available rack-mounted or handheld remote control. The unit automatically selects 525 or 625 lines and allows users to control video, color and set-up levels, as well as freeze a frame or field. It also features full ProcAmp controls.
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Plasma Display Panel


The CMP4120HDU is the new 42-inch version of Hitachi's Plasma Display Panel. This high-definition PDP incorporates the ALIS system, a technology that increases display quality, vertical definition, brightness and screen life. With a resolution of 1,600 ? 1,200 (or 1,024 ? 1,024), the CMP4120HDU has a contrast ratio of 700:1 and a viewing angle of 160. Compatible with HDTV, this screen automatically adjusts to VGA, SVGA, XGA or SXGA UXGA resolution. It can be connected to video cameras, digital broadcasting adapters and PCs. Dimensions are 41 inches wide by 25.5 inches high by only 3.5 inches deep.
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Touchpanel Control System


Crestron introduces the TPS-4500. This high-resolution display has a 12-inch-diagonal active matrix touch-sensitive SVGA display. Video card installation allows upgrade capabilities for video, Ethernet, two-way wireless and full-motion NTSC or PAL video display with 64,000 colors. The TPS-4500 has 96 MB of memory, real-time graphics load and display, and color control graphics with 2-D and 3-D icons. It can be flush or surface mounted and has faceplates that can be painted to match its environment.
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Video Line Driver


Here's a way to drive computer video signals over 300-foot-plus lengths of multichannel coaxial cable: the Altinex DA1909 Computer Video Line Driver. Offering unique 16-position equalization controls for red, green and blue video channels, the DA1909 enables you to dial in the right amount of compensation for the cable run used in your system. As an added feature, built-in ground loop isolation prevents hum, bars and other artifacts. For long cable runs, using a DA1909 with a computer video interface provides significant improvement in image quality over a computer video interface alone. It provides a 5-BNC input for RGBHV and a 15-pin HD, VGA-type output.
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Routing Switcher

Knox Video Technologies

The SDI 8 ? 8 matrix routing switcher accepts and reclocks up to eight sources to eight destinations of 8- or 10-bit serial digital video and embedded audio. Housed in the Knox 3U ultra-thin profile chassis, these SMPTE 259M SDI routers handle data rates of 143, 177, 270 and 360 Mbps with input equalization in excess of 200 meters. SDI routing switchers are controlled from either the front panel pushbuttons or via the RS232 port. Front panel LEDs confirm valid data locking at all times and each valid SDI input signal is indicated by an input carrier detect LED. Crosspoint patterns may be stored and recalled.
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A/V Switchers


The A/V Switch line of audio-video switchers is part of the Auvionix line of A/V problem solvers. The switchers range from two to 16 inputs, with stereo and audio and composite/S-video outputs. Video bandwidth is over 50 MHz; and audio response is 20 Hz to 30 kHz.
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Intelligent Mirror

Creative Stage Lighting

Creative Stage Lighting Co. unveils the Rosco I-Cue Intelligent Mirror. At 6 ? 7 inches, this first surface mirror has a pan range of 230 and a tilt range of 57.3. Features include dramatic moving beam effects, light weight, easy installation and an onboard DMX receiver. It accepts control signals from standard DMX-512 control consoles, comes with a choice of two 0.7 amps ? 24 VDC power supplies, and is compatible with many color scrollers so the user can daisy-chain the I-Cue and save on cabling.
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Audio Products Spotlight

Loudspeakers Atlas Sound

The 2000 Series Professional Loudspeakers, designed for small to mid-size venues are available in three models: the 2012, a 12-inch two-way system; the 2015, a 15-inch two-way system; and the 20215, a dual 15-inch two-way system. All full-range models feature a 90 ? 90 constant directivity horn coupled with a 1-inch compression driver, Power Sentry horn protection circuitry and a variable horn attenuation circuit. Also included in the 2000 series is a new 20115s bandpass subwoofer, featuring a 15-inch woofer enclosed in a dual chamber bandpass enclosure. Please visit the Web site for detailed specs on each model.
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In-Ceiling Antennas


To capitalize on the fact that the ceiling plane is considered the best location for omni-directional antennas, Armstrong has developed the i-ceiling Wireless System, special ceiling panels with antennas embedded inside them. Enabling in-building wireless connectivity for both voice and data, these panels blend in with the existing ceiling to keep interior spaces aesthetically unchanged. The WL2 series panels include one 850/1,900MHz dual-band voice antenna, one versatile 1,900MHz voice antenna, and two 2,400MHz antennas in a diversity configuration. They are compatible with all wireless voice and data standards including IEEE 802.11b and Bluetooth.
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Acoustic Echo Canceller

ASPI Digital

With 12 inputs, 12 outputs and eight channels, the EchoFree EF2280 Vortex acoustic echo and noise cancellation system integrates a 25 ? 18 automatic mic/matrix mixer and high-speed audio bus. Features include full-bandwidth (20kHz) performance, adjustable cross-point gains, an AGC that activates only on valid voice signals, gating control information via the RS-232 port, patent-pending noise cancellation technology on each of the eight mic/line inputs, 270 milliseconds of echo cancellation and a 5-band parametric EQ. Conference Composer Windows software, used for setting up and programming the Vortex, can save up to 32 presets.
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Mixing Console


The Midas Venice console is a high-profile audio mixing console in an ultra-compact format. Good for smaller conferences or live bands, for effects returns or additional inputs in a large multiconsole application, for installation/contracting work or as part of a small, complete mobile system, the versatile Venice is available in three versions: Venice 160 (eight mono-mic/line plus four stereo-line/mono-mic inputs), Venice 240 (16 mono-mic/line plus four stereo-line/mono-mic inputs) and Venice 320 (24 mono-mic/line plus four stereo-line/mono-mic inputs). All fit in a 19-inch rack and ship with the rack-mounting kit.
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ALS Speaker/Receiver

Listen Technologies

Listen, manufacturer of FM assistive listening systems, introduces the LR-600, a wireless speaker/receiver that allows users to amplify ALS transmission audio up to 2,000 feet away from the transmitter. Tunable to 57 channels manually or using the seek function, the LR-600 is compatible with most ALS systems. Additional features: 10-watt output power for two channels; LCD display (channel, programming and RF signal strength); and audio input for additional sources. An audio output can connect the LR-600 to an external mixer or amp.
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In-Ceiling Subwoofer


The BassX Powered In-Ceiling Subwoofer puts the performance of high-power floor-standing subwoofers into the home-theater ceiling behind a flush-mounted grille. They mount with a snap-on drywall ring or retrofit into existing rooms with a standard folding installation bracket. The BassX system comes complete with an easy-to-use wire harness and connecting block. The subwoofer features dual 8-inch woofers in an isobaric configuration. The woofers are mounted inside a 10-inch-round by 10-inch-deep enclosure that will fit any ceiling stud spacing.
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Stage Accompany

The Friend Series of small speaker systems is specifically designed for the installation market and consists of four models: F1, F5, F7 and F9. The Friends have a very high grade of finish and are available in every color. Special attention in the design of the series has been paid to the accessories; virtually any mounting option is possible. The F9 is pictured. Visit online for specs.
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Intercom Systems


The ICW-3 and ICW-4 intercom systems enable clear communications between multiple points within one site as in ticket booths, pay windows, cashier stations, photo kiosks, etc. With unique audio-shaping circuitry, improved voice threshold level activation (VOX) and a natural-sounding full-duplex design, the ICW-3 ensures maximum voice intelligibility. It supports both gooseneck microphone and headset operation for hands-free versatility. The ICW-4 connects the ICW-3 to existing intercoms and features a program audio input, which connects users to program audio, talent cueing feeds or any other audio source. Finally, both systems offer durable, high-tech, polycarbonate fiber resin housing.
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Surge Protectors


Leviton's 19-inch rack-mount surge protective devices provide point-of-use transient voltage surge suppression for rack-mounted electronic equipment. Each offers 12 protected receptacles, 10 in back and two in front. Models are available with either 15 or 20 amp receptacle ratings, and a 12-foot line cord with choice of straight-blade or locking plug. The devices provide easy-access power switches or come without switches (to eliminate accidental tampering). Each receptacle has a UL 1449 TVSS clamping rating of 330 volts peak for both normal and common modes. LED diagnostic indicators for power and polarity/ground status are included, as well as a resettable overload circuit breaker.
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Wireless Mic System

AKG Acoustics

The WMS 40 UHF Wireless System provides the following features: user-friendly control layout, balanced XLR mic-level output, unbalanced TS line-level output jack, integrated SAW filters to ensure immunity to interference, and adjustable squelch. Two front-panel LEDs indicate power and RF status. Side moldings are removable for rack mounting with the optional kit. Swiveling antenna is permanently mounted on the front panel. Transmitters include the HT 40 handheld and the PT 40 bodypack. Capable of running more than 30 hours on two AA batteries, the WMS 40 operates on a single, fixed frequency between 710 and 865 MHz and delivers a response of 40 Hz to 20 kHz.
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Outdoor Speakers


Although SoundHenge II rock enclosures debuted several years ago, Sonance has recently evolved their design and function and updated their look to be more versatile. These water-resistant enclosures come in Black Lava, Sandstone, Sedona Red and the original Granite. Improved materials make for easier installation, longer life and a more realistic look and design.
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Designed to meet the increased need to accommodate various multichannel audio formats for a wide variety of applications, Denon's AVR-3801P A/V Surround Receiver supports 5.1 through 7.1 multichannel playback formats and supports them with seven discrete, independent channels, each with 105 watts of power and equal frequency response across the spectrum. This receiver also supports DTS-ES Extended Surround Discrete, Extended Surround Matrix 6.1, Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby 6.1 DTS formats. Find more details online.
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More Installation Product for Contractors

Multichannel Packaged Systems. Tsunami Technologies' 10-input boxtop mixer/amplifier weighs 45 pounds and has three channels, one 200-watt at 4-ohm monitor channel, and two 400-watt at 4-ohm master channels. Features include eight balanced lo-z microphone inputs, two convertible stereo or dual line inputs, 3-band channel EQ and stereo pan.
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Graphic Switcher. The Analog Way Seamless Switcher Graphic Switcher II cuts, fades, dissolves, mixes and makes wipes and title insertions. It has 16 computer/video inputs and can control up to three units at the same time. The A/V Smart Fade Seamless Switcher provides switchable stereo audio inputs on each of the seven inputs with title and fading between computer and video sources.
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Split Display Processor. The Tango by Miranda is a high-quality, quad-display processor that displays up to four images, each at full resolution, in a single, high-resolution computer display. The package is 1 RU high and 1/2 RU wide.
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Standards and Aspect Ratio Converters. Snell and Wilcox offers the Mach 1 standards converter with multiformat conversion using motion compensation technology. The ARC 20:20 is an aspect ratio converter with input and output blanking, fully selectable background color and composite analog output for monitoring.
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Software. Monolith Media introduced CustomConnectware, automated design and proposal development software for the A/V installation industry. The user can develop diagrams, specs, budgets, graphics, proposals and contracts and draw from a large, detailed equipment database.
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Slimline Mount Series. Premier Mounts' Slimline mount series for plasma displays are easy to adjust and lift out. Mounts are available in tilting and flat styles and hold displays closer than 1.5 inches from the wall. Both versions have a safety lock feature and can be converted to single ceiling mounts or dual back-to-back ceiling mounts using 1.5- or 2-inch pipe and ceiling-mount adapters.
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Digital Display Products. Sampo now has a new line of HDTVs with 27- and 32-inch pure-flat, progressive-scan monitors and a 34-inch pure-flat, widescreen monitor, as well as high-definition component video inputs and 1080i native resolution support. Sampo also offers a new DVE line of DVD players with MP3 audio playback capability, and a PMR-42V3 plasma monitor.
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Cable Length Meter. The Jovial Test Equipment Onestop cable length meter, designed for single-conductor wire inventory control, measures cable length quickly and accurately, installed or on a spool. It measures copper and aluminum cables, offers milli-ohm measurement capabilities and includes automatic temperature compensation.
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Control Interface Driver. Smaart Partners has announced the Symetrix Inc. Audio Workplace 9022 control interface driver for SmaartPro 3.5 and SmaartLive software. A SmaartLive 4.10 update is available for downloading at the Web site.
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Patch Panel. Neutrik's PatchLink SPL patch panel is made with metal brackets and is easy to use. The NYS-SPP-L modular 19-inch rack-mount patch panel has 48 balanced channels in one rack space and two rows of 24 sockets each on the front and rear sides for mating with stereo phone plugs. It is fully PCB-wired without nut fastening. It requires no solder set-up and has non-tarnishing contacts. Configurations can be half-normalled or isolated.
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Software. Mackie Realtime OS Version 3.0 for the digital 8-bus (d8B) mixer incorporates outside plug-ins, additional, upgraded patching and routing, advanced surround sound features, and enhanced dynamics.
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