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Feb 1, 2001 12:00 PM, Compiled by Elizabeth Price

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Themed Entertainment Products

Multiscreen Control

Folsom Research

Developed to simplify multiscreen presentation applications, the ScreenPro Plus from Folsom Research allows implementation of a 3-screen show from a single user interface. The operator can select from up to 16 universal inputs accepting composite video, S-video, component video and computer video sources (640 × 480 VGA to 1600 × 1200 UXGA). Sources are scaled to match the native resolution or “sweet spot” of the projection devices to ensure optimal image quality. The product supports 14 different transition effects including dissolves, wipes, cuts and fades. Transition duration is programmable, and each screen output channel supports two buffered “Program” outputs (one 5-wire BNC and one HD-15) and a “Preview” output (HD-15). Two to 10 auxiliary outputs are provided on the rear panel of the unit, and a preset storage feature allows screen sets to be programmed to a single preset button for quick recall.
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Sound, Lighting and Motion Controller

Simon-Kaloi Engineering

Combining multichannel audio, control and lighting into one product, the Simon-Kaloi Engineering company has developed the SLAM-2000 sound, lighting and motion controller. The SLAM-2000 records and plays up to eight independent channels of CD-quality audio. It has a full DMX-512 interface for accepting or providing DMX lighting control, can be networked with other SLAMs (or other products) via an Ethernet port, and has eight optically isolated direct-trigger inputs. Audio and control information is always perfectly synchronized and stored on nonvolatile solid-state memory boards, so there are no tapes or hard drives to malfunction or wear out. Four memory board slots allow up to 2 GB of memory. Sampling rates can also be varied to further conserve memory, ranging from 5.51 to 48.0 kHz (DAT quality). Standard audio WAVE files can be loaded into the SLAM; or you can directly record onto the SLAM in real time from standard CDs, tapes, etc., and the SLAM will convert the information to the standard WAVE format.
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Signal Routing Matrix

LCS (Level Control Systems)

Developed to exceed the demanding requirements of live productions and themed entertainment, the Matrix3 offers unparalleled flexibility for solving tough dynamic audio matrixing, processing and automation requirements. Systems can be configured from 8 by 8 all the way up to 400 inputs and 512 outputs with 256 buses. LCS innovations like SpaceMap's multidimensional panning and Wild Tracks' asynchronous playback with Safetynet redundancy are improved. New features include matrix delays and EQs, compressors, as well as delays and EQs on every input/output, Cobranet I/O, digital I/O and selectable gain analog I/O. When combined with the CueConsole modular control surface, the Matrix3 mixing/processing engine becomes a powerful FOH console for live theater and concert applications requiring automation. The four controllers — Faders, Meters+, Transporter and Editor — are sectional pieces of the console that can be configured in any manner imaginable. All fader control points in the system, including LCS's “virtual” groups, are re-mapable on a cue-by-cue basis to the 16 motorized faders on the Faders controller. As faders change function for the next scene, the LCD display above it displays its new function. With this feature, less faders are required to mix a large number of inputs.
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System Switcher


The Extron System 7SC is a 7-input, dual-output, configurable video and computer-video switcher with a built-in video scaler. It features system control and RGB and video integration capabilities and is good for use in installations using plasma displays, and CRT, LCD and DLP projectors. Six of the inputs are configurable for composite video, S-video, component video or RGB. The seventh output accepts composite, S-video or computer video on a 15-pin HD connector for connection to a laptop, camera or DVD player. The switcher offers quad-standard decoding compatibility (NTSC 3.58, NTSC 4.43, PAL and SECAM) using a 4-line adaptive comb filter. It is programmable via RS-232 or IR drivers. Front-panel operation allows easy switcher control. The system can include an IR 70 remote control, RS-232 control, optional SCP 200 hardwired control pad or optional SCP/AAP hardwired control Architecture Adapter Plate. It provides 350 MHz (-3 dB) video bandwidth.
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Video Products



This new high-brightness DLP projector is equipped with high-resolution digital micromirror devices and a strong optical system. Delivering 5,000 lumens, the Barco SLM G5 “Performer” is high-powered, adaptable, reliable and easy to use. An interlocking feature allows the units to be stacked for higher light output. The projector features sealed optics, an integrated carrying handle and rigging system, and direct mounting capability.
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Sony Electronics

Sony's 42-inch PFM42B1 SuperSlim monitor provides flexible horizontal or vertical viewing on a 1,024 × 1,024-pixel display at a 160° viewing angle. Users can change aspect ratios from 4:3 to 16:9 for DVD presentations and widescreen broadcasts. The monitor has an advanced scan converter, along with a full-function remote, color temperature/dot phase adjustment and 20 video-memory settings. It is available in brushed silver and charcoal gray.
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Plasma Monitor

NEC Technology

NEC's new 50-inch, XGA resolution, plasma display monitor is designed for spaces like conference rooms, board rooms and broadcast production facilities. Features include 1,365 × 768 resolution, split-screen multi-input display, a DVI input and high image quality. Picture-in-picture options enable concurrent display of 4:3 and 16:9 images. The 50MP1 has broad source and multimedia capabilities with AccuShield phosphor protection and 3X digital zoom, controllable with an ergonomic remote.
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Conference Projector


The Sharp XG-V10WU, designed for large conference rooms, lecture halls and custom professional installations, is an SXGA-native LCD projector that comes with remote access and control software, multiple inputs and control options, and a quick-setup PresenterPAK. It is powered by three 1.8-inch LCD panels and two UHP lamps, with a brightness of 4,700 ANSI lumens and uniform output.
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Plasma Display

Electrograph Systems

This 42-inch plasma display monitor features a built-in scaler providing high-resolution computer images up to UXGA (1,600 by 1,200). The DTS42 has a 90-degree portrait mode, electronic zoom with adjustable magnification, picture in picture, picture freeze, a built-in sound system, programmable onscreen display, 530:1 contrast ratio and a peak brightness rating of 400 cd/m2 .
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One-Box Presentation Switcher

Kramer Electronics

Combining the functions of composite video, S-video and VGA/XGA switchers, the Kramer VP-23 has an additional audio switching section that routes one of the pre-selected audio inputs from the other switching sections into a separate audio output. The switcher is controlled either with front-panel buttons or a rear-panel RS-232 input.
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Notebook Projector


The TDP-P3 has Digital Video Interface connectivity and Digital Light Processing . It weighs 4.8 pounds, is 2.5(H) by 9(W) by 10.5(D) inches and is easy to use. It offers 1,000 lumens of brightness, true XGA resolution (1,024 by 768), proportional digital keystone correction and a contrast ratio of 400:1. The TDP-P3 is compatible with XGA, SVGA, VGA and Macintosh® data, in addition to NTSC, NTSC 4.43, PAL and SECAM video signals. It supports 1080i and 720p HDTV video for home theater-quality playback. A deluxe carrying case, cables for data, video and audio connections are standard accessories.
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Digital Converters

Keywest Technology

Reasonable price, ease of use, flexibility and reliability characterize these VooDoo rackmount digital converters. The “Big VooDoo” BVV2S A-D unit accepts composite, Y/C or component video and outputs serial digital video. The “Big VooDoo” BVS2V D-A unit converts SDA into composite, Y/C or component. And the “Little VooDoo” offers the same in a smaller size.
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Multimedia LCD Projector


The Fujitsu LPF-4800 is 9.3(W) by 10.8(D) by 3.5(H) inches and weighs 7.9 pounds. It has 1,024 × 768 native-resolution pixel display, a 150-watt EHP lamp system with up to 1,500 ANSI lumens of brightness, and can project images from 23 inches to over 20 feet diagonally. Features include a digital keystone correction function, a 20X digital zoom function, wireless remote control, and an intuitive onscreen display.
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Society for Information Display

The Society for Information Display DTS CD-ROM is designed for custom presentations relating to testing, tuning and demonstrating video projectors, home theater installations, plasma display panels and professional monitors. The program allows for custom slide shows with 24-bit images and varied test-pattern resolution (160 by 120 to 1,600 by 1,200). The user can select length of display time, pause images and sequence the slides manually.
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Line Quadrupler and Video Scaler

Focus Enhancements

Focus unveils its QuadScan Elite line quadrupler and video scaler designed for use with high-resolution, progressive-scan video projectors and displays for both home theater and professional video presentation. It can be set up and operated using front-panel control, an infra-red remote or by commands via its RS-232/422 port. It is available in a desktop unit or a slim, rackmount configuration and has two input channels, each available as composite, Y/C or component. All output is directed through a 15-pin VGA-type connection.
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Audio Products

Digital Matrix Mixer

Gentner Communication Corp.

Gentner developed the PSR1212 for multi-application use, simple integration and expandability. Usable in a variety of venues, from convention centers to conference rooms, it comes with a matrix mixer with cross-point level control, 12 input and 12 output channels, eight assignable processing blocks, 32 user-definable preset conditions, Macro Pro and G-Ware software programs, and automatic gated microphone operation.
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Wireless Microphone System


Sabine's SWM-5000 Series uses True Diversity 2.4 GHz spread-spectrum technology; up to 50 units can operate within a single location. With the Mic SuperModeling feature, the front-panel dial gives a choice of several dynamic or condenser mics. Microphones come in 1- and 2-channel models with built-in targeted input processing and the ability to save and recall up to 10 presets per channel on the receiver. Systems come with handheld, lavalier or headset microphones, aluminum transmitters and durable, hard rubber antennas.
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Power Amplifier

Tsunami Technologies

Similar to Tsunami's SMPS-based HQ-2002S, the HQ-3.4 power amplifier is capable of more than 1,800 watts of power per channel at 2 ohms. The HQ-3.4 uses conventional power supply and features efficient class H output amplification, in-rush current protection, DC, temperature and over current.
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Meyer Sound

The UPM-2P is a bi-amplified, three-way loudspeaker system in a compact enclosure. Small size (18 by 6.7 inches) and light weight (21 pounds) allow for use in confined spaces. The system has a tight, 45° × 45° pattern. It offers relatively high sound pressure levels, low distortion levels, dual MS-5, 5-inch cone transducers, a 1-inch titanium dome HF driver, two class A/B bridged complementary output MOSFET power amps (225 watts and 125 watts RMS) and phase-corrected active signal processing. It has three-way design, with an active crossover transitioning the signal from 2 to 5 kHz between the HF driver and low-mid section, as well as a passive crossover rolling off the signal to one of the low-mid drivers above 500 Hz.
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Matrix/Microphone Mixer


The EF2280 is the new multichannel matrix/microphone mixer with individual channel acoustic echo and noise cancellation from ASPI. The product is broadband (20 Hz-20 kHz), bus-expandable to eight units and includes voice-driven AGC that utilizes neural network processing. It features a number of user presets, 270ms tail time, 5-band parametric EQ on each mic/line input channel, 25 × 18 matrix mixing with individual cross-point gain structure, and user-friendly software.
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In-Tile Speaker Systems


The LT Series comes ready-to-install. The 1' × 2', in-tile speaker systems do not require tile cutouts; they replace an existing tile and are supported by the T-bar grid. Installers can select from factory-wired speaker/transformer assemblies mounted to a 1' × 2' subplate, built-in T-bar cross support and optional factory-installed backbox.
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Wireless Accessories


The ASP 1 Antenna Splitter/DC Power Distributor simultaneously feeds RF signals and DC power to up to four fixed receivers (or can be cascaded to power up to eight). The AC 1 Antenna Combiner combines four in-ear monitoring systems into one antenna. The AB 1 Antenna Booster provides a 10dB gain to the received signal. The AM 1 Adapter can mount antennas on a 19-inch rack. And the A 1030-U Wideband Omnidirectional Antenna can be used as a remote diversity antenna with all evolution wireless microphone systems.
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Portable Mixer


Shure's FP24 portable 2-channel mixer/preamp is engineered for high-resolution digital recording. Features are a dynamic range of over 110 dB, a bandwidth from 10 Hz to 50 kHz, and low distortion. Its 66 dB of gain, transformer-balanced inputs, built-in slate microphone, 1kHz tone oscillator and headphone monitoring amplifier allow for use in TV and film production. FP24 filters function at 6 dB per octave with 80 or 160 Hz corner frequencies. The unit is less than 2 pounds.
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Loudspeaker System


The Model Q-6 is a full-range, hi-fidelity loudspeaker featuring a full hemispherical coverage pattern, accurate full-frequency sound, high sensitivity and 35 watts continuous RMS power handling. It includes a 6.5-inch coaxial driver and is fully weatherproof. The loudspeakers can be ordered in standard and custom colors and come fully assembled.
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Digital Signal Processors

TOA Electronics

TOA's 2-in/6-out device, the DP-0206, is expandable to 2-in/8-out, 2-in/10-out, 4-in/6-out or 6-in/6-out with optional modules. It comes with TOA CLEAR conversion technology with precise 24-bit analog-to-digital conversion and over 110dB dynamic range. Ease of use, a wide range of audio processing tools (including crossovers, multiband filters, compressor/limiters, noise gates and more), full matrixing and real-time parameter control are just some of the DP-0206's features. It comes with a standard 19-inch rackmount kit and a 5-year manufacturer's warranty with unlimited technical support.
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Telex Communications

Durable and lightweight, the PH-44 and PH-88 are designed for a tight fit around the ears, increased fidelity, and intelligibility. They have high-quality monaural dynamic earphones with a dynamic noise-canceling microphone on an adjustable boom.
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The Earthworks M30BX microphone is a battery-powered version of the M30 measurement mic. It has flat time coherent response from 9 Hz to 27 kHz ±1 dB and drives a single-ended input like a sound card. The M30BX has 14 dB of gain built in. It can operate for up to 1,500 hours with a single AA cell.
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Installation Products

Stair Riser Loudspeaker System. The OAP NF-241 loudspeaker system is designed to mount in stair risers in venues that require small, full-range, easy-to-hide loudspeakers. Its dimensions are 14.38 (W) by 8.75 (D) by 5.25 (H) inches, with a power handling rating of 150 watts peak program power and a frequency response of 128 Hz to 15 kHz, 16 ohms. The system comes in black or white decorative epoxy coating, with a 16-guage steel grill and steel mounting brackets.
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DMX Cable. Creative Stage Lighting introduces Dura-Flex 2-Pair DMX-512 data cables with drain wire, designed for the entertainment industry. The cables are UL- and CSA-approved and incorporate 22 gauge tinned copper conductors with cellular polyethylene insulation, aluminum/polyester foil and tinned copper braid with drain wire, and 100% shielding for protection against interference and external noise.
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Processing Modules. The Stage Accompany EFN-DP processing modules have clip/excursion protection, dedicated filtering and power optimizing speaker-dedicated functions. Opto-coupler-regulated circuitry reduces noise and distortion in the modules, and the filtering is adjusted to the system setup.
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Online Service. The business management service is an online service that offers inventory and project management tools for the technical entertainment industry. The service will feature a product directory and a comprehensive directory of personnel, gear and services.
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Operating System. Mackie Designs announces its V3.0 operating system for the D8B bus console. The software features third-party plug-in support, new surround sound mixing features, networking capabilities and more.
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Remote Control Devices. Analog Way introduces its Ref RCU 611, one remote control device that directs up to three graphic switchers at once and displays up to 18 sources on three screens. Analog also presents the Ref RK-251 remote keypad, which allows all the effects and adjustments of the Smart Fade computer and video mixer and A/V seamless switcher to be remotely controlled up to 333 feet.
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XLR Connectors. Neutrik's durable NC3MP and NC3FP-1 panel-mount connectors and NC3MX and NC3FX cable XLR connectors have nickel housing/silver contacts. The female XLR has an insert with added metal protection and a rubber ring for secure mating to a male XLR or microphone.
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Rear Projection Screen. The Da-Lite rear-projection, holographic DNP Holo Screen is available in 40-inch and 60-inch diagonal. Images are projected from exactly 30°; all other light is ignored for clear images in bright environments.
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Digital Multimeter. A.W. Sperry Instruments Inc.'s DM-4100A pocket-size, economy-line, rotary-switch digital multimeter features: non-contact voltage detection, overload protection, current reading, easily readable LCD and 150-hour battery life. Its six functions operate on 18 ranges including DCV, ACV, DCA, ohm, diode check and battery test.
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Script Slide. Midas introduces a script slide for the Heritage 2000 and 3000 consoles. It will come standard in the theater package of the desk and as an option in the touring package.
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Enclosures. The Logic System IS Series is complete with the compact IS6 background enclosure, IS8 foreground enclosure, IS12 full-range enclosure and IS24/26 sub bass cabinet. The CS1296 mid-top cabinet was added to the CS1290 series. And the CM20SB coaxial monitor cabinet was added to the CM series.
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Loudspeaker. Tannoy Professional launched the Focus 10 PowerDual music and speech reinforcement loudspeaker and complementary Focus 18B bass unit. The PowerDual provides a controlled 60° × 40° dispersion. The Focus 10 has a weatherproof skeletal design and has an optional plywood cabinet.
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Console. Spirit by Soundcraft has a 40-input version of its LX7 console. The LX7-40 is housed in a 32-mono channel frame and has no less than seven separate bus outputs. The first four of its six auxiliary sends are pre/post switchable in pairs from each channel.
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Gangable Racks. BGW Systems Inc. has a new RN Series of 19-inch gangable racks. Racks include fully welded construction, removable front and rear plates, 14-guage steel tops and bottoms, 16-guage steel single-piece sides, a black powder coat finish, plus other options.
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Mixing System. The BM5.1A by Dynaudio Acoustics is a 5.1 mixing system with a matched set of five matched dual 100-watt amplified BM6A nearfield monitors and one active BX30 Bass Extension System. It is designed to meet Dolby, DTS and THX criteria for theaters.
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Noise Reduction Technology. TC Electronic's BackDrop noise reduction technology allows users to isolate and drop background noise. BackDrop has internal 48-bit floating point processing, basilar dispersion parameter, transient recovery; and it offers both multiband and multitype reduction.
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Audio Director and Digitizer. A fully upgradable, analog-to-digital converter and automatic audio switcher by MSB Technology, the Audio Director & Digitizer achieves a 115 dB signal-to-noise ratio. It has automatically switched 8-line level and manually switched photo stage analog audio inputs, and converts analog sources to a high-resolution 24-bit digital audio signal.
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Digital Audio Distribution Amplifiers. Lucid's AES×4, CLK×6, SPDIF×7 and GEN×6 feature a selection of outputs that will distribute audio or sync signals to multiple destinations.
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SPL Computer. The Symetrix 371 SPL Computer tracks ambient levels continuously, provides real-time response to changing noise conditions, and accepts mono or stereo line level audio through rear-panel Euroblock connectors. It has analog voltage-controlled amplifiers and a gain range of +20 and -30 dB relative to unity gain.
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Matrix Switchers. Each switcher in Extron's CrossPoint Plus family of matrix switchers has HV models for switching RGBHV signals, HVA models for switching RGBHV signals and 2-channel stereo audio. Fully loaded, they maintain signal integrity for resolutions of 1,280 by 1,024 and up. The series is housed in a rack-mountable, 19-inch-wide enclosure and includes RS-232/422 capability.
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Audio and Video Servers. The Imerge S1000 single-room SoundServer can store thousands of tracks of MP3 and uncompressed music. It has a built-in modem, TV interface, user-definable play lists and both analog and digital S/PDIF audio in and out. The M1000 multiroom SoundServer uses hard-disk technology, for use in multiple rooms using standard controllers.
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Remote Control. The IntelliNet Controls' RS 1000 System is an optional IR remote for the RS 1000 Whole-House Control System, controlling all devices: audio, video, lighting and HVAC. It has zone-to-zone function tracking and automatically adjusts to each room and its functions.
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HD-Ready TVs. Sampo America introduces its SME-HD line, with 27-inch, 32-inch widescreen and 34-inch displays that support traditional analog broadcasts, digital programming via an external decoder and high resolution input from PCs. The TVs display 480i, 480p, 1080i and 720p in native resolution without down-converting the original signal source to match display limitations.
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Speaker System. The Miller & Kreisel Sound “K Series” system packages consist of two satellite speaker models and a powered subwoofer. The K-5 response extends from 80 Hz to 20 kHz, ±2.5 dB. The products are small and have radiused edges with a black/titanium finish.
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Multichannel Audio Devices. Analog Devices' AD1836 multichannel coder/decoder chip, with six DACs and four ADCs, supports multiple, digital, stereo channels with 24-bit conversion resolution and a 96kHz sample rate. The AD1833 DAC device has six DACs, with a 192kHz sample rate and 24-bit resolution for two channels, as well as a 96kHz sample rate for all six channels.
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Satellite Dish Antennas. Terk offers an 18ý × 24ý DIRECTV Plus satellite dish antenna with dual LNB, 18-inch DIRECTV satellite dish antenna with dual LNB and 4-output, multiswitch and multisat DIRECTV, plus oval satellite dish antenna.
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Surround Sound Mixing System. Scarab Technology's Trimension-1 offers true convergence, high-resolution audio and video with a surround sound experience. It works with the Dolby E Partner program and can upgrade a stereo production environment to fully automated multiformat surround mixing without replacing a console or internally modifying existing systems.
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Camera Control System. Panja's PosiTrak Pan/Tilt Camera Control System works with Sony's DXC-390 and DXC-950 color video cameras in a multicamera, pan-tilt control system. One person can operate a system of up to six cameras with PosiTrak. It is available in three packaging options.
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Non-powered Mixing Consoles. Tsunami Technologies introduces its TMX-2042D compact mixing consoles. TMX-2042Ds have 20 inputs, 3-band EQ with sweepable mid, channel HPF, gain, insert, sub/main assign, mute and more.
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Lightweight Touring Console. The R-Type by Cadac has a new, lightweight, monocoque design, slim module width, and is made for fast installation. Standard 24-slot frames are less than 1 meter wide. A typical configuration provides 48 mono and four stereo inputs, a full output section, dedicated LCR outputs and 16 DC Masters.
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Single-Phase Power Platform. The Dranetz-BMI Power Platform® 4300 power monitoring instrument comes with a TaskCard® that allows it to operate in four modes. It uses Windows® -based DRAN-VIEW® for visualizing and analyzing power quality and energy data.
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Power Amplifiers. B & K Components Ltd. added the AV5125 and AV6125 to its AV Series II power amplifier line. The 5- and 6-channel amplifiers deliver 125 watts per channel. Both use Class A pre-driver input stages. B & K also has four new amplifiers in the ST Series line: the ST2140, ST260, ST3140 and ST140M, which are equipped with toroidal transformers, Class A pre-drivers and 1% metal film resistors.
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Installation Hardware. Engineered for analog, satellite and HDTV environments, the Terk line of installation hardware includes a multiswitch, splitter, diplexer and amplifier. All are equipped with waterproof F-connectors. All but the splitters are designed to work with all forms of broadcast systems: DBS, analog and digital.
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Video Modulator. The Drake 300VMF fixed-channel video modulator features SAW filtering for adjacent-channel operation, a modulated visual and aural RF carrier output up to 300 MHz, a heterodyne conversion system, front-panel level controls, high output power to +55 dBmv and more.
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Amplifier Technology. Motorola and B & K present Symphony® Amplifier Technology. For integration into the programmable 24-bit DSP56300 architecture and other Motorola core offerings, it can replace inefficient Class A or A/B amplifier stages with more efficient Class D amplifier stages without performance degradation.
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Small Room Cinema Screen. The Martin Audio Screen 2/2P can be run either active or passive and has low distortion, wide bandwidth and uniform coverage. It has 90° × 90° dispersion and a single 15-inch low-frequency transducer, reflex-loaded with a single horn-loaded 1-inch HF unit.
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Wall Panel. BSS Audio Soundweb presents the 9012 control. The 9012 has a rotary fader and a 5-position switch, connecting two control port inputs on the rear of a Soundweb 9088 or 9000 device. No power supply is required; it is a passive device.
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Direct Digital Plasma Display. Electrograph Systems introduces the Direct Digital Model E4203DD plasma display. The display uses digital processing only, and the display monitor then uses full broadcast quality processing and 3-D interpolation and filtering to perform de-interlacing, resizing and scale processing in real time.
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DR Series Control. The audaceNet audio control application for Windows is configured to control the Allen & Heath DR128 and DR66 digital mix processors. The system provides unlimited presets, partial presets, paging functions, input and output mutes, operation across a PC network and password protection.
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Microphone System. Azden Corporation's SGM-2X Professional Shotgun Microphone System comes with two barrels and an omni (8.11 inches long), or by adding the extension barrel, a supercardioid (15.75 inches long). It has a -50 dB, low-noise, wide-bandwidth signal and balanced, low-impedance output. The system comes with a shock-mount with both camera shoe-mount and mic stand-mount, as well as two foam windscreens.
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Compact Amplifier. Pragmatic Control Systems announces the SAA , a compact stereo amplifier designed for a wide range of uses including kiosks, classrooms and boardrooms. The SAA is 2 inches wide, 3.5 inches high and 3 inches deep. It accepts any volume-controlled, line-level stereo (or mono) input via gold-plated phono inputs. Outputs are offered via gold-plated 5-way binding posts. Power is supplied via 12 VDC.
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Noise Cancellation Algorithm. ASPI Digital's EF400 and EF600 now feature a noise cancellation algorithm that analyzes ambient background noise and digitally adapts to remove up to 10 dB of the noise sent to other rooms.
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Metered Power Conditioner and Light Module. ART's Smart Power 4 × 4 metered power conditioner and light module features a VU meter to monitor input voltage, an on/off power switch, a separate on/off light switch, a dimmer dial and a front-mounted circuit breaker reset switch. Four of the eight rear outputs are 1.25 inches apart, and the unit has a total power capacity of 1,800 watts.
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SCU Receiver. The Electrovoice SCU wireless receiver features auto channel select, front-panel audio, RF signal strength displays and 10-channel frequency agility. It is shipped with each N/DYM system and is available in four system configurations: the NRSCU-N7, NRSCU-L11, NRSCU-BP and NRSCU-COMBO. It has a 1/2 rack width metal receiver housing design, detachable rear-mount antennas, rack-mount hardware, 4-segment RF signal strength, 4-segment audio signal display, balanced mic-level XLR output, a 7-segment LED channel display, adjustable squelch control, diversity LED indicators and channel-change lock-out.
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Crossroads 2001. Security Associates International Inc. has announced its nineteenth annual convention, Crossroads 2001, to be held in Las Vegas, April 1-4. The theme for this year's conference is “,” focusing on Web-based strategies for alarm dealers.
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TiLE. The international leisure attractions market's TiLE 2001, for those with a professional interest in theming, design, new technology and trends for leisure attractions, will take place June 12-14 at the Business Design Centre in London.
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BICSI® . The BICSI Spring Conference will be held at the Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas, from May 7-10, 2001. BICSI is accepting presentation proposals on distribution design considerations, consulting concerns, emerging technologies, and a number of other relevant topics.
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EDS 2001. The 2001 Electronic Distribution Show and Conference will take place May 15-17 (with May 14 and the morning of May 15 reserved for sales meetings and workshops), at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. This year's conference features a better time schedule, a gala grand opening keynote and new opportunities in the global market.
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Syn-Aud-Con Seminars. System Setup and Optimization and Sound System Design present five days of audio training with instructor Pat Brown. This year's remaining dates are March 19-23 in Charlotte, N.C., April 23-27 in Louisville, Ky., and May 7-11 in Orlando.
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Rigging Seminars. Author of Arena Rigging, Harry Donovan, and industry veteran Jay O. Glerum will head 3-day courses on OSHA regulations, inspection procedures, rigging components and more on March 12-15 in Las Vegas, May 6-9 in Orlando and June 25-28 in Chicago. There will be an additional fourth day in Las Vegas on personal safety and fall protection and an additional fourth day in Chicago and Orlando on hands-on practical rigging.
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Presentations 2001 Conference and Expo. The Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta will house this year's conference on March 5-7. There will be more than 50 workshops, seminars and hands-on learning labs to develop skills in presenting, creative PowerPoint design, Web conferencing and more.
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DSP Internet Seminar Series. Analog Devices and Avnet will host a NetSeminar Series through the Education News and Entertainment Network. “The Control Revolution: Migrating Embedded Designs from Microcontrollers (MCU) to DSP” will begin in February 2001.
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IBTS. The 12th edition of the International Audio, Video, Broadcasting, Motion Picture and Telecommunications Show will be held at the Milan Trade Fair, October 4-8. The main theme will be the convergence of systems and platforms toward multimedia communications.
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Electronic House Expo. Custom home electronics and networking professionals can see the newest and most innovative companies and products available for the custom home electronics arena from March 7-10, 2001 in Orlando. The Expo features over 125 exhibitors and more than 80 conference seminars and hands-on workshops.
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Communications Catalog. The Communications Catalog by Jensen Tools is a 132-page, full-color book offering 16 additional pages of products in a wide range of tool kits, hand and specialty tools, cable and more.
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Book. Written by S&VC columnist Alan Kruglak, and based on real-world experience in running and operating a low-voltage integration company, Sales Compensation, The Hunter-Farmer Way provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to design and implement the Hunter-Farmer Sales Compensation Plan to increase sales, profits, productivity and client satisfaction. The book includes life-cycle revenue, enhanced market segmentation and answers FAQs. Published by ARK Solutions, it comes with software that includes a sample compensation plan and a financial template.
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Catalog. ADI's 2001 edition of the CCTV/Access Control Catalog is a security industry resource guide including articles, product comparison charts, application guidelines and site surveys.
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ADAT Software. Alesis released Version 3.0 M20 ADAT software, featuring improved functionality, faster lock times and enhanced diagnostic capabilities for use with the professional digital multitrack M20.
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Software Upgrades. Otari multitrack recorders now have upgraded software: version 1.56 for the Radar® I and version 2.15 for the Radar® II. Version 1.56 has enhancements in disk configuration, sync implementation, fault reporting and more. Version 2.15 features waveform display, macro keys, digital track assignment, offset calculate/capture, DVD-RAM backup and more.
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Five Technologies to Watch. The CEA announced this online presentation and print publication that outlines the latest issues, players, market research and alliances in five key technologies: digital set-top boxes, Internet audio and video, biometrics and wearable computers, mobile electronics and wireless communications.
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Catalog. Panduit Corp. published a 200-page catalog on its Future Ready network connectivity systems solutions for the enterprise and service provider markets. The catalog offers products for connecting, routing, management and identifying network infrastructure.
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CD. Aiphone Corporation released a technical CD containing product and company information. Users can search for product information by application system or alphabetically.
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Product Catalog. The Leviton Voice and Data Division has a new T-500 catalog, with products including the eXtreme 6 Category-Rated Connectors, Spectro-Link MT-RJ Connectors, Universal GigaMax , QuickPort® Decora® Multimedia Inserts and Fiber Optic Tool Kits.
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